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Urdu Sad Poetry Posters & Facebook Timeline Covers

Urdu is a language which is a called Lashkari Language. It is spoken in Pakistan, India and Nepal. Urdu sad poetry is the most famous form of poetry in this language. Most of the Urdu poets who kept writing poems in relation, to Love (Love of two kinds: Love for God & Love for a Human Being) had been involved in writing, Urdu Sad Poetry.

Urdu Sad Poetry Posters

Finding this language’s poetry of ultimate importance, today I planned to collect some of the Facebook Timeline Cover & Urdu Sad Poetry Posters. I hope this hand-picked collection of Urdu poetry posters will amuse you a hell lot. So, here below are some of the links you should also visit, they include our previous collections, of several Facebook Timeline Covers and Wallpapers.


Urdu Sad Poetry Shayari Posters Collection

Urdu Sad Poetry Posters and Timeline Covers sad shayari (1)

In this Urdu poetry the poet is saying that sadness is everywhere in everyone’s life, but the thing that matters is how much tollerance one has, then he exclaims that his lover likes his poetry and after listening it, the lovers feels that the poet is sad enough to put up such sad stanzas of sadness.


Urdu Sad Poetry Posters and Timeline Covers sad shayari (2)

This poem is about complaining the rude rulings of the one whom one loves. The poet is asking his lover to review his attitude, behavior and doubts about the poet. Finally ending the poem into a set of suggestions, that what he should get in return of love.


Urdu Sad Poetry Posters and Timeline Covers sad shayari (3)

In this poem the poet wants his love to understand his importance, that the poet knows his love really well, into the depths of his/her soul and telling him to love the poet back in return of all this effort.


Urdu Sad Poetry Posters and Timeline Covers sad shayari (4)

This is a sad Urdu poem, in which a doctor is prescribing the poet a way to forget his love, who left him alone. The doctor says, that the poet has to go mad, and loose the memory at all, if he wants to forget the sorrow of being lonely without his love.

Urdu Sad Poetry Posters and Timeline Covers sad shayari (5)

This sad poem or shair is a funny one. in which the poet is saying after doing some bad deeds now he and his love have become pious people.

Urdu Sad Poetry Posters and Timeline Covers sad shayari (6)

One of the saddest poems in which everyone is asking from the poet why he is alone now? Where is his lover?


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11 replies on “Urdu Sad Poetry Posters & Facebook Timeline Covers”

very nice poetry :

Fanna kr De apni sari zindgi “KHUDA” ki muhabbat me

Yahi Wo wahid Pyar hy Jis me Bewafai Ni Hoti”.

very cool and intresting collction of petry specialy in he rasto ma hum

Mohabat aisi hoti hai
Tum hanso to khush hoti hai
Tum rutho to ankhein meri roti hai
Tum dur jao to
Bechaini mujhe hoti hai
Mehsoos kar k to dekho
Mohabat aisi hi hoti hai

Na KIa Kar Apne Dard=e=Dil Ko,,, Shaeyri Mein Biyaan
+++Aey + + + DiL+++
Log Or Toot Jatey Hein Har Lafz Ko Apni DAstaan Samjh Kr

apne matlab k ilawa kon kisi se poochta he
Sikander jaani
bina rooh k to log mayat ko bhi ghar main nahi rakhte

too bhi aaene ki tarah bewafa nikla
munawer jani
jo samne aagya usi ka hogaya………
from: sikander ali

kuch to khayal kar dil bhi sheeshe ki tarah he
++++++++a bewafa++++++++++
sheesha toot kar jurta nahi or dil toot kar kisi ko chahta nahi
Written by : M.A.B 03003279836

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