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Samsung Galaxy S4 With S Pen will Launch in April 2013 [Rumor]

Samsung being the best smartphone company in 2012 plans to release Samsung Galaxy S4 and an S Pen as an accessory. This is a rumor right now, no solid proof but, most of the people around seemed to be anticipating the same thing. The rumor of this  Galaxy S4 launch in April 2013 has been confirmed through different resources.

Samsung-Galaxy-S4 - s pen

Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Screen size of the Galaxy S4 is 5-inch and it has 1080p AMOLED display
  •  Exynos 5440 chip is introduced in it which is a quad-core
  • Camera is rumored to be 13-Megapixel rear one, with auto-focus camera and an S Pen ofcourse, which will be something special for Droid users
  • Let’s hope that Samsung announces the Galaxy S4 at CES week, otherwise we have to wait.

Samsung Galaxy S4 s pen
Samsung Galaxy S4


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hmmm yah its old technology as its already introduce in galaxy note ..!! now they need to do something different like SONY is making .

They have introduced flexible screens but i don`t think they will be using them in the near future

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