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Emerging Online Startups in Pakistan during 2014

Pakistan has seen great developments in the online startup scene in the recent times. A lot of local and International developers as well as investors are realizing the potential of this emerging market and investing in this promising field. Here is an overview of five of the latest and greatest fields in which new startups […]

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Top Brochure Design Ideas 2014

To me a brochure is something that a banker hands you, and that ends up becoming a coaster on your desk. Well, the purpose of brochure may vary from business to business. Some are designed to display services whereas, others are focused to selling a brand. Brochures are most commonly found at the places, that […]

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20 Awe Inspiring Website Designs Using Pastel Color Schemes

20 Awe Inspiring Website Designs Using Pastel Color Schemes is going to be a part of Freakify today. Web Designing is a major section of web development. Web designing is largely responsible in gaining traffic to a website. The more appropriate it is, the more it gains visitors. Creativity, imagination and thoughtful skill are the […]

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Are you following top 10 designers in the world?

One can become a good designer only by following the best out there. Those who are the living standards. Those who not only are mentoring trends in new age web design but are working hard to prove themselves. You follow the right mentor to make sure you don’t get lost in the middle of no […]

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25 Best WordPress Travel Themes 2014

This post is about 25 Best WordPress Travel Themes 2014. The list of these 25 Best Travel Themes is been selected from the well-known WordPress keeping content website Theme forest. Are you assigned to build a website related to Travel niche with WordPress. Then this post really credits to you. By using these themes you […]

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30+ Best Free PSD Badge Templates 2014

 Are 30 + Best Free PSD Badge Templates 2014 in your waiting list? Then you do not need to wait anymore because today we bring out a list of Best PSD Templates for Free and hope you will use these badges for your good reason. Years ago badges were just seen typically wear by school […]

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25+ Best Free PSD Flyer Templates 2014

Today Freakify come up with a post of 25 + Best Free PSD Flyer Templates 2014. Flyer (Pamphlet) is a form of paper advertisement and flyers are the fast source in marketing field to promote a good or service or products or to announce or advertise any event such as a music concert, festival, or […]

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15 Creative & Inspiring Tank Logo Designs 2014

 Do you need of some kind of inspiring collection of logos for your business? Wanna make your business logo unique from others. Then don’t worry! Freakify brings out an inspiring collection of 15 Tank Logo Designs 2014 which we hope will be perfect for not only your own business but also compete in business market. […]

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25+ Best Responsive Architecture Themes

Freakify always comes with a stunning collection of WordPress Themes regarding different niches and this time we come up with an amazing collection of 25+ Best Responsive Architecture Themes. Are you a web developer, also an expert in WordPress and your next project is to build a website or blog for a construction company? Have […]

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5 Best HTML Responsive Booking Templates

5 Best HTML Responsive Booking Templates are going to be booked today as a topic on Freakify. HTML5 has become world wide popular among developers and due to its responsive feature one can easily access and customize it on their web gadgets. This post will be very helpful in credits of those who have just […]

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25+ Best jQuery Plugins for 2014

The topic of today’s post is round about 25+ Best jQuery Plugins for 2014. The following plugins will help you in optimizing your website. jQuery which says write less, do more originally authored by John Resig designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML & PHP and basically is a coding of java script on […]

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An Inspiring Collection of Father’s Day Flowers

We are the flower of our parents and the when the flowers bloom and dance and sing with the blowing wind then the parents ultimately get inner peace, happy and feel proud of themselves. Therefore, Freakify is going to share a blooming post on this event for Father’s Day with you i.e. An Inspiring Collection […]