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iPhone 6 at Rage!

The world of Apple’s iPhone is reputing no signal of halting. For the past few years there has been great advancement in iPhone series. Its quality and development pursues to get more and more desirable and better than before. We can see iPhone 6 at rage these days and it remains to be popular amongst all the ages.

iPhone 6

Launch of iPhone 6

This year Apple’s iPhone 6 will be marking the end of an era. It was unveiled on 9th of September, 2014. Apple launched its new series in two different sizes, that is, 4.7 inch version and 5.5 inch. It has been decided to name them as iPhone 6 and iPhone Air or iPhone 6L respectively. Some rumors have declared that iPhone’s 5.5 inch version will be revealed later on September 19th or probably in a couple of few months.

The Sleek Design Of iPhone 6

Talking about its design, the new handset is available in golden, silver and grey with rounded edges with a power button on the side having a sleek texture. The new iPhone have a mesh cover on its speakers and a rubber seal too, in order to protect it against dirt. Apple’s iPhone 6 is also likely to have Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor.


Previously, usually people complained that their iPhones couldn’t make through the day without needing to recharge their devices. So, if any of you wants to overcome this issue, then the new iPhone 6 tends to have substantially a better and longer battery life than the previous versions.

It is offering new operating system along with quad core A8 processor;  which will be providing its users with option to see that which of their apps are gradually weakening and destroying power, so that the users can switch off such apps in order to protect and preserve the battery life.

That’s not all we have got in the house. It has 8MP camera along with 2.1MP front camera, having a resolution of 1134×750. Also has the storage capacity of 128GB. This isn’t all, if you want to capture moments under water or in rain, iPhone 6 will be the best option as it is waterproof- with an unbreakable and scratch resistant screen. What else one could wish for. There will be a mobile payment system as well through iPhone 6.

Talking about Price of iPhone

iPhone has always been into skimming pricing due to constant innovation in their devices. So, who won’t be willing to pay for this luxury phone full of style and class? iPhone 6 costs $569 for 4.7 inch version and the 5.5 inch iPhone Air’s price will be up to $700. It will be sold from 19th September onwards.


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The phone capacity is too huge. Dont know anyone who actually used the original 16 or 32 GB storage to its full. They could have made the capacity less and made the phone. Hit cheaper.. Up to 700 euro. Almost the price for a mac.

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