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iPhone 6 at Rage!

The world of Apple’s iPhone is reputing no signal of halting. For the past few years there has been great advancement in iPhone series. Its quality and development pursues to get more and more desirable and better than before. We can see iPhone 6 at rage these days and it remains to be popular amongst all […]

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Latest Designs of Free iPad Wallpapers 2014

This age is of modern aspects and is the world of technology. Day by day new things are replacing the old ones. You and I are well familiar with iPad. Apple is now ruling the world and this mini laptop is popular among all. No one has ever imagined that the company which once bankrupted […]

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Wondershare MobileGo for iOS – Review

For all the technology geeks, today, the letter ‘i’ holds great significance and importance. The iPhone and iPad fever has infected many and people are mad and crazy about their gadget. People capture loads of pictures and videos from their iPhone and iPad. We all know that when it comes to sync everything on your […]

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User Interface Element Comparison Between iOS 6 and iOS 7

We are to present you the user interface element comparison between iOS 6 and iOS 7. You will feel an exceptional change in both the models. The new system, i.e iOS 7, is far more delicate and beautifying than the previous version. So, here we go: UI Toolbar UI Toolbar is a lot modified and […]


Nikon 1 Nikkor, An Exceptional Addition to Experience

In the world of DSLRs, Nikon is definitely a renowned name and a brand that is the choice of eagle eyed users as well as photography lovers. Nikon’s product, Nikon 1 Nikkor is quite a success for the professional as in the system of mirror less cameras; it is the first high lenses for Nikon […]


Sony Xperia Tablet S Sales – For the Holiday Season!!

Sony Xperia Tablet S Sales Sony Announced on its JAPANESE WEBSITE that Sony Xperia Table S is going to make a triumphant comeback to retail stores. Hurry !! Manufacturing surrender determined and unequivocally in time for the 2012 siesta season. Xperia ‘s own blog posts news on Monday saying that Sony could continue sales deals […]


Shower With Music: Kohler K9245 Moxi Shower

[b l=””]Buy Now[/b] Kohler K9245 Moxi Shower head If you need to sing to your best tunes within the shower, or actually listen to them, speakers and water don’t typically combine. You might attempt utilizing a waterproof iPod Shuffle, however in any case where could you hang it? Kohler finds a nice solution for all […]


Stylish Flip Covers for Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III by Samsung

Stylish Flip Covers Samsung announced very stylish and colorful protective Flip covers  for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II.  As you know all and probably you have seen on television  thatthe last few months back in Samsung  commercials.  These Flip covers specially designed to protect both face and the backside of the Android. […]

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Lenovo Launched P770 Android Jelly Bean Smartphone

Lenovo has been a very famous name in Android world recently they launched another Android4.1 Jelly Bean smartphone P770 and headlines a 4.5 creep IPS QHD showcase with a determination of 540 x 960 pixels. P770 Android Jelly Bean Smartphone Different particulars on the smartphone Lenovo P770 incorporate a 5 megapixel back challenging picture clicker with an LED glimmer for […]


Harley-Davidson Lightning Connector Trademark Acquired by Apple

If you are upto the NEWS lately then you might have known that Lightning Connector Trademark Acquired by Apple which was the property of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in early days. Before releasing their new connector gadget Apple had to buy this patent of Harley-Davedson, to keep the things working fine and the crystal clear way. Apple’s patently site told that the […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Price, Features, Images & Review

This is a guest post by Raza Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Price, Features, Images & Review Galaxy Note 10.1, the tablet or the phone? Was first seen around Barcelona, Spain during the Mobile World Congress in 2012. Pictures of Galaxy Note 10.1 were displayed across the city on billboards. There had been no official announcement until […]