Tips of Freaks

Team Viewer & Wamp Issue of port 80 Resolved!

I have been having this issue for last 2 months , that when I tried to install Teamviewer got stuck at port 80 & WAMP was not working! I uninstalled the Team Viewer :( But nops, I can’t live without TeamViewer. I told the support team about my problem. In  no time they resolved it! […]


WP Remove Dashboard Extra Widgets | Plugin of WordPress by Ahmad Awais

WP Remove Dashboard Extra Widgets. This is my first plugin of WordPress hope you all will like it ! What is does is , it removes three extra rather useless widgets from the admin dashboard of WordPress ! The readme.txt says === Remove WP Dashboard Extra Widgets === Contributors: Ahmad Awais Donate link: Tags: remove, admin, dashboard, […]


Encyclopedia of Screws !

Sometimes You do not know, what screw you need to turn this piece of furniture. That is why this little encyclopedia was created.Enoy it Screws Head Style    Drive Types   Washer Type Nut Types by Boltdepot

Nokia Tutorials

Increase the Font Size of your Nokia N97

Font Magnifier is a great application for Nokia N97 to change font size of your Nokia N97. You can change the size of the fonts of your Nokia, from 50% to 140%. You can compare the size of the standard font with the new size of the resized fonts. To return to normal size press Options […]


Done banging LOL

Done banging LOL No one can ever define more funny things than the iPhone typo mistakes these hilarious texts or the text where a lot of mistakes make people feel very much embarrassed like in this message text Miss Susie is messaging Susie are some male-female Susie it can be a daughter or son is messaging […]