Stylish Flip Covers for Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III by Samsung

Stylish Flip Covers

Samsung announced very stylish and colorful protective Flip covers  for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II.  As you know all and probably you have seen on television  thatthe last few months back in Samsung  commercials.  These Flip covers specially designed to protect both face and the backside of the Android. All covers are great and elegance in style. Available all in the best prices $39.99 a  piece or $4999 two pack but you can order the $99.99 four pack.  Now order your pack through

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 Stylish Flip Covers


DALLAS — November 29, 2012 — Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile) – the No.1 mobile phone provider in the United States1 – is giving U.S. Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III users the ability to customize Samsung’s newest iconic smartphones with its Protective Flip Cover, a unique case solution available in an array of vibrant colors. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III owners will be able to purchase bundles of Protective Flip Covers in multiple colors at a discounted price.

Fashionable, Premium Design

Samsung’s unique Flip Cover design was introduced alongside the original Galaxy Note® and again with the Samsung Galaxy S III. Now, just in time for holiday shopping, the launch of the Galaxy Note II on five major carriers brings this premium accessory to users in seven stylish color options – Titanium Gray, Marble White, Light Blue, Pink, Mint, Lime Green, and Orange. With the option to purchase a bundle of Flip Covers in a variety pack of colors, Galaxy Note II customers can change Flip Covers to match any occasion or outfit, just like jewelry, hats, and other fashion accessories.

The Galaxy Note II Protective Flip Cover is available for $39.99 each at, and is also available in multicolored bundle options of four covers for $99.99, or two covers for $49.99 on Galaxy S III Protective Flip Covers are currently sold separately for $39.99 and will also be available in multicolored bundle options for $99.99 (four colors) and $49.99 (two colors) 2.

  • Galaxy Note II Option A:      Marble White, Titanium Gray, Light Blue, Orange
  • Galaxy Note II Option B:      Pink, Marble White, Light Blue, Lime Green
  • Galaxy S III Option A:           Pebble Blue, Lime Green, Light Blue, Orange
  • Galaxy S III Option B:           Marble White, Pink, Light Blue, Yellow


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