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How to Boost Your Blog Traffic through Facebook

With the advent of Social Networking sites the concept of branding your product has revolutionized. One may say, these sites have glamorized the concept of trade. Of all the social media according to me, Facebook is the most popular and challenging forum where you not only connect to your friends but also promote your products and services, acquire […]

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Giveaway #5: 3 Premium Accounts of TheAdStock Worth $300 is coming up with another exciting giveaway for all the promising designers. So the robust august offers three credit packs of 100 points worth $99 each by TheAdStock. Shortly, I will be telling you how you can avail this. What is TheAdStock? TheAdStock is new addition in the sites of photography and is serving […]

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How to Install a WordPress Plugin

How to Install a WordPress Plugin Hello & Welcome to the screen-cast series on WordPress Basics. This screen cast is an ultimate guide about installing, disabling and deleting a WordPress Plugin. Details: Level: Beginners Level Required: It requires a WordPress Blog pre-installed Two hands & one brain :P No other knowledge of anything is required [ad]

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Who else wants to learn ad blocking in Google Adsense

Ad blocking in Google Adsense So, here it is, recently I joined the Hangout By two Google Adsense people who made my day. It was all about  How to Block certain different kind of ads from showing up on your sites. Google Adsense user can only block 500 ads, how to choose them wisely and […]


Women in Social Media : The Good The Bad

Through years social media has revolutionized not only the world of IT but at the same time made this world a global village. Now everything is restricted to one may say to a room. Social Media has made a vast impact on the lives of many women. Women in Social Media Women, who used to […]

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August PR Update : What is PR- Page Rank? How to Get & Check PR?

Freakify got PR4. It is one hell of an achievement. So, most of our blogger friends mailed us how we got this, what should they do to get a good page rank update and a lot of similar questions. In this post we will make you know some very simple steps you should follow and […]

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Say No to Girls when Blogging

Say No to Girls when Blogging People say that “behind every successful man there is a woman.” But if you ask me I will definitely rephrase the above saying i.e. “behind every successful man there is no woman.” Girls may sound as hot, sexy, stunning, beautiful, and long list of blah blah blah but to me […]