Wife of a Blogger

Wife: Honey!!! I will be very grateful if you turn off the bulb hovering my head and pissing of my sleep.

Husband: Just give me few minutes’ one last post and then I will be there with you in bed.

Wife: Goshhhh!!! You and your blogging I am sick and tired of it. All day long you do nothing except fixing yourself in one chair. It would have been far better if you would’ve been engaged with some job 9 to 5. I seriously repent those days when you claimed that I was the one for you. Now everything does exist except love. You don’t have time for me; your every single moment is for your work. How pity you even forgot this month’s wedding anniversary. My position is nothing more than a doormat.

Wife of a Blogger


Sometimes, during blogging we become a little ignorant about our better halves i.e. our beloved wives. We forget their untiring efforts which they’ve done for us in order to avoid mess in our lives. They stood by us in crests and troughs of life. But blogging sometimes makes us careless about them. The time when they need our attention and care we are busy entertaining our readers. This creates an air of discontent between the spouses. Plus if you are blessed with beautiful kids their life is also affected when they see their parents fighting over minutes issues. As a matter of fact if it is sorted with wisdom then this is not an issue over which spouses need to fight over. A little balance and compromise on both sides will do the job. A husband should learn to listen and understands what does her wife needs. He should find a balanced way to divide his time between his work and his family. He should plan surprise events like picnics, long drives and gifts which strengthens the relationship. Plus two words of love and affection are enough to make up her day. At the same time a wife should be a little compromising and understanding towards her husband’s work. She should know that he is the sole earning hand and his work is driving the entire family.


Bickering will never annul your marriage, but it might give you an ulcer. There’s no way to avoid fighting. Husband or wife is different yet they can’t possibly agree on one point. You need to avoid getting on each other’s nerves every other minute. Rapid fights on minute issues bring restlessness not only in your marital life but also in your home, which contributes only to stress and damage.

By Alina Sofia

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Everyone should care of his loved ones. Blogging with timing is very important to separate some time for your family, friends.
Otherwise, you would loose some most beautiful relations in your life.

Its really important to learn balance in life and everything done too aggressively is wrong we should adjust our blogging with our real life tasks and relations its important to prioritize everything :)

Yeah I totally agree what you said. One should work hard to achieve his goals but not the cost his loved ones. They are your real back up in every thick and thin. One should know how to keep balance and do justice dealing with his work and family.

Very true!!! But it happens very seldom. Willingly or unwillingly you mix both and the repercussions are horrendous. Still one should keep trying to maintain balance in life.

That was a great write up.. We as bloggers need to accomplish our goals, Without sacrificing our family. They are the most important in our lives..
Let’s not take them for granted.
Thanks for the reminder! :)

Amy Bair

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