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Say No to Girls when Blogging

Say No to Girls when Blogging

People say that “behind every successful man there is a woman.” But if you ask me I will definitely rephrase the above saying i.e. “behind every successful man there is no woman.” Girls may sound as hot, sexy, stunning, beautiful, and long list of blah blah blah but to me girls are the most irritating creation of nature. I am sure many of you who will read the above few lines will feel like killing me but I am here to tell my personal experience with girls.Say-no-to-girls-when-blogging

You spend decades still you are unable to understand their psyche. They are so mysterious that you never get to know who they really are. They are truly a chameleon ever ready to dump you if do not do what they want. Girls love to treat boys as there servants rather slaves would be the best word to describe them.

Deadliest Combo

Girls plus blogging is the deadliest combo. It is like you can do either of the two. If you are running a successful blog it is a very sincere advice to keep yourself away from girls. They can only ruin your work and distract your attention. All the day long they try different methods to draw attention of yours. One may say they are perfect “DRAMA QUEENS.” They give long missed bells, forward messages on mobile, messages on social networking sites, hence, trying every tool to make you talk to her. Sometimes, they post bogus comments on your posts just to irritate you and spoil your work. The result is your work is affected and you lose your traffic.

Girls are made to be soft spoken and it is very obvious that you cannot afford to offend them. However, we poor souls tend to get carried away by their benign colloquial words and you find yourself in a predicament. They try to behave and talk to you in such a sweet manner that you fuckingly get trapped with no room for escape. You neglect your work badly. You spend hours 24/7 talking to them ignoring the fact that you have a blog to handle which is a big responsibility if you want to prove yourself in the world of blogging. Especially if you are a teenager then it is the high time of your career during which you have to cope with your studies and blogging which is at this stage nothing more than your passion. So keeping yourself away from this girl business is beneficial. The moment she enters your life you get deprived of mental peace.

Say No

Saying no to a girl I know for most of you can be a tedious task. You must acknowledge that irrespective of commitments to work and family, there are moments when you go to great lengths to help her because you cannot say no to her. This is indeed the bitter reality which explains the extent to which you are helpless if you are a part of this business.

Now the question arises what next should be done if you are stuck up with any girl and you want to get rid of her. Certain strategies can be used which may be:

  • Try Diplomacy- giving favor to a girl to an extent which is not against your rules and not at the expense of your work.
  • Listen to Her First- the foremost thing is that you learn to listen to her completely till she finishes speaking. Most of you have the habit of saying ‘yes’ even before her question gets over. The result is in the end you get sucked up in an unpleasant situation. Hence, it is advisable not to mollycoddle in a bid to win her charm, which I am sure most of you want to.
  • Feign Ignorance- Sometimes, you face a situation e.g. writing a post during which you do not have enough time to answer her questions. At the same time, you can’t afford a fight which may result in case of not answering so a phrase like, “I don’t know much about it” can do the job.
  • Be Straightforward-however, if she insists on answering and will not spare in any case, then you should be firm enough to give a straightforward denial. However, it is advisable in order not to waste your precious time you should not to wrangle or remain choleric to her insistence.
  • Speak the Truth-Last but surely not the least, you should speak the truth. An excuse is merely a sugar coated lie. If you can’t take along this relationship just say it to her rather being fake. If the girl is understanding then she will understand your dilemma and shall help you move on with the problem.


By Alina Sofia

Passionate blogger, programmer, who cannot live without cats. Love them :) Right now the student of Engineering & trying to put more of what I think in words. Wanna hire me for content writing? Contact

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Here’s the 5th and powerful vote ;) Say a BIG NO to girls, not only while blogging, but also if you want to do something awesome in life :D

Girls are super cool and accept it or not boys can’t think their lives without them. Boys think that they are smart but girls are also intelligent enough to understand their tricks which they apply on them.

haha, Nice post Awais. I think you’ve spent a lot of time with girls and you got a negative results that is why you are warning us to stay away from girls. You right on this, girls wants us to be their servant and they want us to dance on their fingers:D

Nice post.. Boys are smarter than girls…
Girls face the fact or show some facts.

Yeah Guys Agree with every one. Say no to Gilrs and Get more and More Success :(. Now don’t ask me why i use Sad Symbol.
Nice Post BTW.

Well,you are right up to some extend girls distracts a lot by sending sms,but all girls are not annoying,may be you were in the hands of wrong girl.Anyway thanks for sharing this unique article.

Sooner than later you may be having a guest post by me Amit :) Same will be what I be expecting from you in near future :)

By the way that sad symbol says it all. 

Greetings! Very helpful advice on this article! It is the little changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Sweetheart that’s why you have such a horrible time with girls, because they are exactly that GIRLS!!!! If you were dealing with a real WOMAN versus a girl, then you wouldn’t have all of that drama and those problems. Girls are not grown up yet and very immature and have many of their priorities backwards, which is to be expected because they haven’t had time to grow yet and blossom into upstanding and respectable young ladies. There are a chosen few, that are mature and respectable and sometimes that is based on their culture, religion or upbringing. Usually girls from other countries or girls that live within a subculture, are the ones with intelligence, poise, morals, patience, class, values and RESPECT!
I find it funny, because the way I was brought up, I didn’t act that way as a teenager or as a young lady. I had and always have had manners, maturity, values, morals, respect (especially for my elders), patience, class, intelligence and know right from wrong.
My parents didn’t have issues with me with drinking, drugging, getting into trouble wit the law, dropping out of school or getting bad grades in school, because I was an honor roll student. I certainly didn’t didn’t get knocked up in high school because I didn’t have sexual relations til I was almost 19 years old.. I was brought up as a young lady and my father kept it that way.
At any rate, I blame the parents of today’s youth because most don’t give a damn about their children and you wonder why you have so many unwanted pregnancies, abortions, people on welfare because they are unwed and under-aged mothers, High School even Junior High drop outs, under aged drinking and doing drugs, partying, drinking and driving, under-aged girls sleeping around, STD’s, HIV and AIDS. If girl’s parents actually cared and not let their children go crazy like wild animals, then our today’s youth would have a real chance at growing up the right way and making something or themselves, instead of making asses of themselves on a daily basis.

I don’t like Girl profile because there are so many fake Girls Profile
But Still I am a man and ……………………..


I don’t like Girls profile because of fake girls profile
But I am a man so ……………….

It is my general opinon not a personal experience I shared I am very happy with my finacee :P
BTW You shared a nice set of thoughts here ! Keep visiting. 
Its good to see there are people with your thinking :)

Oh really??? Was it an aftar party??? ;DDD
I guess you have a huge voe bank so there is no point of discussing it.

Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog? My blog is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would definitely benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Thank you!

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