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August PR Update : What is PR- Page Rank? How to Get & Check PR?


Freakify got PR4. It is one hell of an achievement. So, most of our blogger friends mailed us how we got this, what should they do to get a good page rank update and a lot of similar questions. In this post we will make you know some very simple steps you should follow and some very dangerous ones to avoid.

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(What I wrote about earlier PR update)

What is PR – Page Rank?

PR or Page Rank is a phenomena with which Google ranks your website between 0 to 10. Its not a simple thing to conceive but I have a definition in my head which I would like to share with you. Here you go

"Google Page rank is appreciation of Google towards your content quality"

Make worthy content which Google can appreciate. Google updates the PR every 3 months roughly. If you have high PR you have high authority. It won't give you traffic it won't give you money it is just that you get a good Authority.

How to check PR?

You can check your page rank from a commonly used site that is Page Rank Checker. Just put the link of your blog or any page you want inside it and check what is your page rank for that particular page. eg.g to check our blog's rank we put in

How to get PR these days?

There are no hard and fast rules for this question. It is not like that I will tell you do this this & that , and after doing that you will get a page rank. It is a matter of awareness, you need to have a strong observation over recent trends of web development. You need to follow people who know about these things (e.g. You can subscribe my public updates at Facebook from this link

Do's to get a Page Rank now-a-days

Guest Posting

Make good content, contact blogs like has a Contact Page and a Write for Us Page , contact other blogs with your content in your hand ask them if they would like to post the attached content on their blogs. Do add your author Bio below the post to at the most two links to your blog and 3 lines of your introduction. By this way you will get a good exposure as well as traffic and in return some of the PR share :)

Commenting on Related Blogs

Do comment on related blogs. If you have a technology blog and you comment here at then even if you get nofollow links still you will get a good deal of PR share sometimes. (Yes I said sometimes not every time to make you realize that it is not the only thing you should do)

Other Methods

There are other methods but I am no big fan of them. All I would suggest you to do is make worthy content on your blog. Write for your readers not for PR or earning, once you attract a good base of traffic you will start earning very well.

Don'ts to get a Page Rank now-a-days

Link Building Softwares

Don't use any kind of link building software or service from anyone. They are no more working no-a-days. Work on the quality not on quantity more links from useless sites are not good less links from good sites are more than good.

Worring about PR

Yes, don't worry about your PR. Make your blog good, make it for your readers. Write on the topics you think you can write better than others. Write well, tell all what you write. Try to be more socially active than you are right now. Help people with things.

Unnatural Techniques

Avoid trying any unnatural technique for your blog page rank. Be a natural blog. Don't try to force Google. Leave such activities. Google can take care of this stuff. All you have to do is make yourself and your blog famous.

Your Turn:

  1. Tell Us what is your Page rank now?
  2. Did you get an upgrade ? 
  3. Did you get a downgrade ? Share your story in comments so that we may guide you !


By Freakify Editorial

The post was written by the Freakify Editorial Team. used to be managed by Awais, Maedah and their team before its acquisition.

70 replies on “August PR Update : What is PR- Page Rank? How to Get & Check PR?”

Hey Ahmad!

Thanks for this awesome news.
Well, I just got really happy after hearing about this PageRank Update. And I’d like to let you know about my PR! My primary blog got a PR 3. But the surprising thing is that, I had started working on that blog two months back!

And now got a Global Alexa Rank of about 96,000 (improving still) and PR 3 just all by working two months!

Am really excited to share my Ranking with you..

Anyways, Congratulations for PR4!

Hello Ahmad,

I worked harder for PR; Today I got PR 1 from PR 0 , i was expecting at least PR 3 but i didn’t get that.

Still i am happy and i’ll try to don’t repeat my last mistakes.

Congratulations!!! You got PR 4. :)

Thanks for sharing your insights on PR update Awais.
I got inner PR3, but my homepage is still PR1, maybe that is because I always linked back to my blog posts instead of homepage whenever I guest posted somewhere.

Congrats on getting a PR4 :) My tech blog has been 4 for a long time but at least it didn’t go down during the last PR update (though I was wishing it to go up somehow, heh)

Hey Ahmad,

Great job on getting to PR 4. That’s awesome. I think PR is mostly about the quality of backlinks you have pointing to your website. People always talk about needing tons of content on your website, but there are plenty of examples of small sites with high PR. The first comment is a good example of a 5 page site with a PR of 3.

The easiest way to get your PR to increase is to get quality backlinks from other websites that also have a good PR value. Finding these sites and getting them to link to you isn’t always easy, but a few good links from high PR sites can really boost your own PR.

First of all Congratulations for Pagerank 4.

But Ahmad i don’t agree with your statement

“Google Page rank is appreciation of Google towards your content quality”

Because there are lots of websites on internet which hardly have any content in it(one page websites) which have Page-rank 4 or 5.(i.e lifeofblogger) So how can you justify your statement.

On the other hand i can give you many examples of blog with pagerank 1 or 2 with lots of traffic and high quality content.(i.e learnblogtips )

Well, Maak I never care about backlinks, I always care about content. High quality content gets automatic backlinks :) People like you and your content. I write for my readers. :)

Hi Awais, this blog is more designed then my expectations.
It speaks well that you’re a good Web Designer :).
Anyways, i didn’t get any PR in August update, but i got PR 2 in the last May update.
My blog is based on Poetry. And i want to ask a thing, there are no much blogs which are related to Poetry, and have good PR. And i don’t think that such Blogs provide Guest Posting with a Backlink. So how will it be, if i use blogs such as yours one, to make a Comment backlink or guest post?


Well done for the PR4 and also thanks for letting everyone know about the good practices for link building,we are also trying to incorporate a few of them in our upcoming goals.

Lifeofblogger has a nice name, google apreciates its age as well as it has strong dofollow backlinks from WPB Uzz and Balkhis.
Learnblogtips got good content but Rahul didn’t guest posted, nor he did blog comments result is infront of you.

You got to try it. Try tech niche comments and guest posts you may get a good PR, otherwise I myself am unable to think about any other method for you. THanks for the appreciaton bro.

Thanks Brother nice info …i am trying your tips hope soon PR for blog..Thanks Keep Sharing Tips Like This…

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