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Install WordPress on localhost of Microsoft Windows with WebMatrix

Install WordPress on localhost WordPress is one of the most popular blogging frameworks available right now. If you are a WordPress developer you might be quite aware of the XAMP & WAMPservers (MAMP for Mac OS), which you can install in your computer to get a locally installed WordPress, making your development work way easier than ever. I have found […]


Make WordPress Images Non Clickable Inside a Post

When you upload an image inside your WordPress blog’s post, it becomes clickable. Let’s remove the link behind an image automatically so that, images inside the post doesn’t remain clickable anymore. Why one needs this? Have you ever heard about the word ENGAGMENT? Yes or No? Let me tell you when a visitor clicks an […]

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How to put Adsense Ads within the Content {WordPress}

Most of the times my readers and blogger friends ask about how to control the adsense ads placement inside the content of a post. Well, today let me describe it to you my way. What I use is a simple shortcode I wrote. How to put Adsense Ads within the Content First of all go […]

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How to Install a WordPress Plugin

How to Install a WordPress Plugin Hello & Welcome to the screen-cast series on WordPress Basics. This screen cast is an ultimate guide about installing, disabling and deleting a WordPress Plugin. Details: Level: Beginners Level Required: It requires a WordPress Blog pre-installed Two hands & one brain :P No other knowledge of anything is required [ad]

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WordPress 3.4 NEW Features: Welcome to WordPress 3.4

If you haven't actually noted it up-till  now , then I would be very pleased to let you know that WordPress 3.4 is live now.You gotta update it right now.It is one of the massive updates but I found it very nice and easy.This update will also update your WordPress Database , don't worry you […]

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WordPress Video Tutorials in Urdu

  I thought about starting Urdu tutorials for WordPress, but it was too much work for me to create such tutorials and then maintain them. Also, you should be learning everything in English, coz that’s something you need to improve. If you can’t get better at English, you can’t earn very well.