20 Likable Adobe After Effects Tutorials

Nida Batool
2 mins Read

Adobe is one great software used to add so much to your design and graphics. It is something you can play with to add different effects, a variety of phenomenal scenes and to give many visuals to your design project. This amazing software allows to animate and alter your piece...


WordPress Newsletter Plugins 2014

Saira Gulzar
7 mins Read

Do you have any experience of handling your email subscriptions right from your WordPress site? Now, there are many best WordPress Newsletter Plugins which are free as well as premium. In this post we are going to introduce some WordPress Newsletter Plugins 2014. As, Plugins increase the usability and help the...

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25 Leather Texture Found Best in 2012

1 min Read

Been busy at the stage of designing high quality leather texture can be boring if you don’t get the chance to read this post. You can download pre-made leather textures that were found best n 2012. I would recommend you should use them in you further projects. Some of them...

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Wife of a Blogger

Maedah Batool
3 mins Read

Wife: Honey!!! I will be very grateful if you turn off the bulb hovering my head and pissing of my sleep. Husband: Just give me few minutes’ one last post and then I will be there with you in bed. Wife: Goshhhh!!! You and your blogging I am sick and...

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