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25 Photographic Lake Wallpapers

Nida Batool
3 mins Read

If you are bored of having a bland and dull desktop background then here’s what we’ve got in for you. Desktop wallpapers always enhances you computer screens and if it has a scenic background then the entire outlook appears much appealing. Today’s post is based upon 25 Photographic Lake Wallpapers...


WP No Frames Plugin / Break Frames Plugin For WordPress

1 min Read

Just a handy plugin with which your site will not be iframed by anyone not even in Google Images :P A lot of people are looking for this code, it is simple but I have made a plugin out if it.Why a plugin for a code that is so easy...

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25 Most Popular Certificate Diploma Templates 2014

Saira Gulzar
4 mins Read

Today’s article is about to the 25 Most Popular Certificate Diploma Templates 2014. Education is a must for each and every person to live in this competitive world. There is no place in the society for an uneducated person. A man is not known today by his knowledge but a degree...

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Say No to Girls when Blogging

Maedah Batool
6 mins Read

Say No to Girls when Blogging People say that “behind every successful man there is a woman.” But if you ask me I will definitely rephrase the above saying i.e. “behind every successful man there is no woman.” Girls may sound as hot, sexy, stunning, beautiful, and long list of blah...

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