Amazing Valentine’s Day Decor 2014

Saira Gulzar
3 mins Read

I recently went to the market and saw there a nice collection of Valentine’s Day decor items. These item were not only simple, but also available at the low cost rate. So, I immediately decided to spend my money on these items. So I have decided to bring out an...


Creative and Inspiring WordPress Site Designs

1 min Read

Creative and Inspiring WordPress Site Designs WordPress is an open source script. It can be modified in a lot of ways. Seeing a lot of creative implementations of WordPress all around the web, made me compile a list of creative and Inspiring WordPress Site Designs. Look at the awesomeness spread by these people below  share...

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2012 Best Funny Trolls at 9gag

Guest Author
2 mins Read

Troll is kind of an insulting message. It is intended to annoy people, to get attention or just to create a sense of humor among the readers. Funny Trolls on 9gag are now-a-days very popular among the the people who love reading funny messages. People are also sharing these funny trolls...

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How to Install a WordPress Plugin

28 secs Read

How to Install a WordPress Plugin Hello & Welcome to the screen-cast series on WordPress Basics. This screen cast is an ultimate guide about installing, disabling and deleting a WordPress Plugin. Details: Level: Beginners Level Required: It requires a WordPress Blog pre-installed Two hands & one brain :P No other knowledge of anything is...

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