Free Stock Images for Commercial Use You Said?

It’s common we find ourselves looking for free stock images which can be used locally as wallpapers, inside the blog posts, or maybe to show off in a premium commercial product with no copyright issues. Some

Best 50 Designs of Nail Art 2014

  One of the forms of art which is very popular and trendy these days is Nail Art. Today, your finger and toe nails are in the limelight due to this art. Basically, Nail

50 Best Street Art in 2014

Street Art has become one of the most effective way of voicing your opinion to the forums where you hardly get a chance to reach. This is the form of visual art which is

25 Best Architectural Buildings of 2014

World Architecture Day is celebrated worldwide every year on October 1st. This day was celebrated as was proposed by the International Union of Architects (UIA). Everyone loves to live in an environment which is

Cute Colorful Facebook Timeline Covers & Quotes for 2014

Today I have brought Cute Colorful Facebook Timeline Covers for you. Everyone likes the cute things. Cuteness is always at the end of appreciation. First of all let me share some of the cute quotes

30 Designs for Hand Art in 2014Awe-Inspiring

Hand Art is the becoming very popular these days especially for conveying the metaphorical significance of any issue. Hand Art includes everything that you can experiment with, making whatever you want to with your

WP Flat Social Profile Blocks Widget

One of the most used WordPress plugins is social sharing widgets. All these social sharing widgets in name of optimization never use the native social network buttons. I found WP Flat Social Profile Blocks,

Inspirational Sketches of LOGO Designs

Some of the real  gems in graphics design industry try out the different sketch based mockups before finalizing and creating a logo design. We have grabbed a few images by such artists, showing off

95 Best Paid WordPress Themes in 2014

WordPress being one of the best blogging platforms present today.   95 Best Paid WordPress Themes will help you in finding best premium themes in 2013. You can find portfolio, creative, blog, magazine related

Windows 10 Wallpapers HD Download

Microsoft has announced Windows 10 instead of Windows 9. Here is a collection of Windows 10 HD Wallpapers for you to download free. Microsoft new Windows, named against Windows 10 is supposedly the best

iPhone 6 at Rage!

The world of Apple’s iPhone is reputing no signal of halting. For the past few years there has been great advancement in iPhone series. Its quality and development pursues to get more and more

Collection of Apple MacBook & iMac Mock Ups

Today I have come up with new design stream, i.e. Collection of Apple MacBook & iMac Mock Ups for you guys. Mock ups are basically the prototypes which gives you the appearance of final website design

Emerging Online Startups in Pakistan during 2014

Pakistan has seen great developments in the online startup scene in the recent times. A lot of local and International developers as well as investors are realizing the potential of this emerging market and