Impressive Set of Text Brushes

Nida Batool
2 mins Read

Brushes always play an important role in enhancing one’s design and adding style to it. A variety of brushes can be used or incorporated well in Photoshop to produce decorative designs, images and patterns. Text Brushes is one such type of brushes that uplifts your ideas being portrayed on your...


JShortcodes : FREE WordPress Plugin for Shortcodes

1 min Read

Yesterday a member of Freakify.com’s Facebook Group asked for help, his question was about any shortcodes plugin that can help in outputting Columns layout. So, today I am sharing my favorite plugin in relation to shortcodes that is FREE and it comes with masive amount of shortcodes. JShortcodes : FREE WordPress Plugin...

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50 Most Amazing Adobe After Effects Tutorials You Need to Learn

Guest Author
10 mins Read

Adobe is one of the most popular as well as the most effective source for creating visual effects and motion graphics. This amazingly strong software allows you to animate, alter, and composite media by the help of few powerful tools and tactics. We have gathered 50 Most Amazing Adobe After Effects Tutorials You...

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Why should you start a blog (12)

12 Reasons : Why should you start a blog?

Maedah Batool
6 mins Read

It is a natural psyche that if you decide to experiment something new it is never welcomed by others. Especially at a young age when you are dependent on your family then they want you to do something productive. It is very easy for them to ignore their child’s passion...

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