Best WordPress Themes for 2014

Guest Author
21 mins Read

Here ends the glorious year 2013. A warm welcome to the upcoming year with lots of good hopes and prayers. How can we forget our followers in the upcoming year, we will definitely continue our work for you people. That is why we have gathered an awesome wordpress theme collection...


WP No Frames Plugin / Break Frames Plugin For WordPress

1 min Read

Just a handy plugin with which your site will not be iframed by anyone not even in Google Images :P A lot of people are looking for this code, it is simple but I have made a plugin out if it.Why a plugin for a code that is so easy...

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20 Awe Inspiring Website Designs Using Pastel Color Schemes

Saira Gulzar
3 mins Read

20 Awe Inspiring Website Designs Using Pastel Color Schemes is going to be a part of Freakify today. Web Designing is a major section of web development. Web designing is largely responsible in gaining traffic to a website. The more appropriate it is, the more it gains visitors. Creativity, imagination...

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10 Common Guest Blogging Mistakes People Make

Maedah Batool
9 mins Read

In my previous articles I’ve been highlighting the multiple times, the importance of guest posting. It generates extra traffic, helps in quick indexing and helps to generate revenue and a high PR for your blog. Guest postings is the most effective way of Link Building for your site. But guest blogging does...

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