Top eCommerce WordPress Themes

Guest Author
2 mins Read

An importance of premium WordPress themes are increasing Day by Day as because there are many themes available but it is very difficult to choose among them. Choosing a theme is a tough job as the traffic that lands to your wordpress blog also depends on the theme . WordPress...

wordpress 3.4 new features

WordPress 3.4 NEW Features: Welcome to WordPress 3.4

3 mins Read

If you haven't actually noted it up-till  now , then I would be very pleased to let you know that WordPress 3.4 is live now.You gotta update it right now.It is one of the massive updates but I found it very nice and easy.This update will also update your WordPress...

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25 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes for April 2014

Saira Gulzar
2 mins Read

Today’s post is about to 25 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes for April 2014.  These are the free themes; also some are better than others. There are so many themes out there and it’s hard to know from where to begin. It will take a long time searching through the...

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10 Common Guest Blogging Mistakes People Make

Maedah Batool
9 mins Read

In my previous articles I’ve been highlighting the multiple times, the importance of guest posting. It generates extra traffic, helps in quick indexing and helps to generate revenue and a high PR for your blog. Guest postings is the most effective way of Link Building for your site. But guest blogging does...

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