30 Coolest Wallpapers On The Web

Guest Author
1 min Read

Selection of desktop wallpapers is quite a difficult task to accomplish, if you are in a habit to change it on a regular basis. Most people love to get very attractive and appealing wallpapers so that it looks cool. It looks really great when your screen resolution matches your picture...

Attitude of beginner blogger

Attitude of A beginner Blogger: The Right Way

10 mins Read

Many of the internet users now a days are well aware of the fact that they can earn a living using it, but it’s not the same case with everyone. We often read at the blogs of those Successful Bloggers who are earning a way handsome amount of money and after...

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Collection of Apple MacBook & iMac Mock Ups

Maida Shaukat
2 mins Read

Today I have come up with new design stream, i.e. Collection of Apple MacBook & iMac Mock Ups for you guys. Mock ups are basically the prototypes which gives you the appearance of final website design or any application. Mock up is the best way to get the design out to the...

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How to put Adsense Ads within the Content {WordPress}

2 mins Read

Most of the times my readers and blogger friends ask about how to control the adsense ads placement inside the content of a post. Well, today let me describe it to you my way. What I use is a simple shortcode I wrote. How to put Adsense Ads within the...

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