30 Impressive Lego Bricks Creations

Guest Author
5 mins Read

Lego bricks are not the interest of children only but are of adults’ interest too. Many artists have utilized them creatively and have made some superb models. We are presenting 30 Impressive Lego Bricks Creations. Enjoy! Firefox Lego Unmapped by: drsparc Lego art inspired by Mozilla Firefox logo. View Source LEGO City...

15 Free Responsive WordPress Themes of High Quality

15 FREE Extremely Responsive High Quality WordPress Themes

2 mins Read

High Quality WordPress Themes In this modern age where you see ascend in the field of technology , everyone having a smartphone in his/her hands browsing Facebook and surfing the net through tablet PCs  , when you plan to start a nice big website , you think about a solution...

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Tattoos - Freakify (30)

Best Body Tattoos 2013

Maedah Batool
1 min Read

Having a tattoo on your body is a thing that separates you from the normal people in this so called world of sin and good. So many people out there, get their bodies carved with different kind of tattoos and beliefs, or creeds. Some of them think of these tattoos as a religious symbol, that is necessary for them and for their lives. Some people try to find comfort in Phoenix bird tattoos, with the belief that they are being protected by the bird, that is helping them out in some kind of depressed state. While other people think of these tattoos as a show off, or some gangster crew, to separate themselves uniquely, put on the tattoos.

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Attitude of beginner blogger

Attitude of A beginner Blogger: The Right Way

10 mins Read

Many of the internet users now a days are well aware of the fact that they can earn a living using it, but it’s not the same case with everyone. We often read at the blogs of those Successful Bloggers who are earning a way handsome amount of money and after...

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