Top Tips to Hire a Reliable SEO Reseller

When you want to hire an SEO reseller, it is critical that you hire a company that is result oriented. It should help make your presence felt in the digital marketing world. A good reseller should also add a couple of service offerings to its basket. A company that relies on white label SEO programs could be the best for you. Here are the most important tips to consider when hiring an SEO Reseller.

  1. The reasons why your business needs an SEO Reseller

It’s true that a lot of small companies try to do the SEO work by themselves. It sounds good, but you need a company that specializes in SEO reselling. Such a company takes the time to monitor your strategy and ensure that you don’t do anything that could jeopardize your ranking. Also, it reduces the chances of giving up midstream – note, that it may take almost 12 months of SEO efforts to achieve sustainable ranking. This is the reason why companies opt to outsource professional SEO services; it allows them to focus on the core of their business.

  1. Your strategy for link building

You need high-quality links that say what you mean. They should not look spammy; otherwise, they will lead traffic away from the website. So, the SEO firm you hire must know how to generate quality links. Look at the reputation of the company. Is it a result oriented company? Find out whether it is only looking for an opportunity to use your company to push its ads through.

  1. The expected standard results

The outcome of any SEO strategy is crucial. The SEO provider you choose must be focussed on real results. They should use metrics such as sales and leads to measure their performance. If they can achieve page one ranking, it is good. But they should do more than maintaining your site on the Google search’s first page. They must show the leads, and the sales attained through your strategy.

  1. The criteria they use to choose search terms

Go for a reseller with the ability to carry out in-depth research on your industry. They should be able to discover common phrases and keywords used by customers. Compare the keywords sample that they have chosen with the ones you have. Remember, you are an authority in your industry, so you know the phrases and keywords that are commonly used. If you discover that the keywords the company plans to use do not match common keywords in the industry, don’t give them the job.


Finally, when you decide that it is time to hire an SEO reseller, you need to plan for an interview. Take your time and spare some resources for this. Use email exchanges to assess the capability of the marketer. Your interview should revolve around the four tips we have discussed above. Look at their criteria to choose phrases and keywords. Check how they use keywords and hyperlinks. Also, look at their attitude towards content creation. Give the job to a company that creates compelling content.


By Freakify Editorial

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