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Collection of Top Facebook Timeline Covers 2014

One of the hottest features of Facebook is its Timeline and cover photos that are recently introduced on Facebook. One can easily view your status updates by viewing your timeline.  The new way to introduce yourself through graphics instead of profile photo is your Timeline Cover. Through this hundreds and thousands of Facebook users are […]

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25 Most Creative Twitter Covers Templates 2014

Social media is growing very fast with its full impact. Every one is associated with it directly or indirectly to the social media networks in which Facebook and Twitter are the most visited and liked by people in fact it is ranked as one of the top ten most-visited websites and top three most frequently […]


NewsFeed Home Notifications By Facebook

Facebook’s developers are always busy making something good out of their coding algos. It’s been an year since we have been following updates in features of Facebook over a weekly routine. Just now, Facebook has added NewsFeed Home Notifications. You can find it just above in your search bar before your name. See next to the […]

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10 Best Photo Templates You Can Buy in 2013

Photo templates are very common now-a-days. They give our photos a smart and brilliant look. Many people like artists, celebrities and many other people need photo templates to get a professional look in their photos. For this purpose, they either refer to internet or to photographers. Finding such photo templates are difficult and time consuming. […]

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Facebook Graph Search : What is FB Graph Search?

Facebook is Introducing Graph Search that will enhance the searching capabilities. With Facebook Graph you search anything over Facebook in a very creative manner. 2013 FB Change Eg Resturants my Friends Like The restaurants being searched will show up like this More on Facebook Graph Search Building Graph Search Learn about the design and engineering behind Graph Search. Watch […]

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Screencast # 3 Facebook Updates the Group Layout to introduce Cover in it 2012

Facebook Updates the Group Layout to introduce Cover in it 2012 See the screencast for more info !