NewsFeed Home Notifications By Facebook

Facebook’s developers are always busy making something good out of their coding algos. It’s been an year since we have been following updates in features of Facebook over a weekly routine. Just now, Facebook has addedย NewsFeed Home Notifications. You can find it just above in your search bar before your name.

See next to the link of Home there is a portion showing 3 Notifications

  • What it does is actually it tells you about the NewsFeed
  • Call itย NewsFeed Home Notifications
  • When you notice this number it means there is something new in your newsfeed

What we say?

  • Well we think it is a good step ahead
  • But, can it be a bad thing? I mean so many notifications!
  • Definitely will increase the Facebook’s Page Views and ad revenue.
  • Calling it a smart move by Facebook



By Freakify Editorial

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