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Facebook Graph Search : What is FB Graph Search?

Facebook is Introducing Graph Search that will enhance the searching capabilities. With Facebook Graph you search anything over Facebook in a very creative manner. 2013 FB Change
Facebook Graph Search

Eg Resturants my Friends Like

The restaurants being searched will show up like this

More on Facebook Graph Search

Building Graph Search

Learn about the design and engineering behind Graph Search.


Graph Search and Privacy

You will be able to search by terms like Photos of my friends

 Try Graph Search Beta

Graph Search is available to a very limited users right now, but if you wish to be choosen for the beta testing of this search, just enter the site


What is FB Graph Search?

FB Graph search is a way by which you can search things by phrases, in a very unique way.

Graph Search is unorthodox…

You will not be finding it matching with any common way for searching present now-a-days

Web Search results a plus…

It is a known fact that, you cannot find everythign over Facebook so you will also be getting some search results through Bing Search Engine

Massive Engagement People, Photos, Places and Interests…

Graph Search is about four things People, Photos, Places and Interests, that will make you love it more, people will start interacting with each others in more way than  ever. Your stuff will get more viral

Facebook turning into a dating site…

With these kinds of search capabilities we can expect Fb to be turned up into a dating site. Like, what if someone searches, “Females in my area who love cats”


Privacy issues…

Facebook have had been working over more privacy tools since last three weeks, we can expect somthign better from them, but still stalking will increase way more than ever.

Facebook more viral than ever…

The biggest truth that I can speak at this platform, and this state is, Facebook will get way more viral than ever. Facebook Graph Search will share everything you share as public through that searching tool. The aspects are yet to be revealed though, let’s hope for the best.


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last when this great feature was anncouned by facebook, news wasn’t so detailed, but today from this blog i’ve got detailed news about this new feature by Facebook. thanks for sharing.

Great post. How delightfully tongue in cheek – this explains why every google search I make brings up all sorts of dead and broken website links!

Good blog to search facebook graph.And informative knowledge about facebook graph.thanks to share it

great post!!!
i heard the name of Facebook Graph Search but i didn`t know what is it?i understand it clearly by reading this post
thank you so much

This is a fantastic and best article. you can find people, photo,best friend and unique destination for honeymoon trip.

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