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Top 10 Worst Logo Designs of All Time

This post is about the “Top 10 Worst Logo Designs of All Time”. Today the most demanding marketing enthusiasm has pushed the most demanding strategies of producers into running their market value and to update their business clients and consumers. Logo Designs have now become a key tool behind a successful professional. From a small firm to a large industry now go to a pro designer to design a logo to publicize their product. We have very familiar examples around us e.g. Coca-Cola, Nike, McDonald’s- all these brands have their specific logos which attract a huge number of customers to purchase their product. One good , elegant and creative logo can become one of the factors to give profit to your organization. Similarly, a bad and a worse logo can make your product’s value down in the market. So, be conscious and careful while choosing a logo design because they ultimately left their impact in people’s mind and brands or products recognize by their logo designs. Though the designs do not make cause of attracting viewers and success. but yet they have their own importance.

So, Logo design is an important area of graphic design and perfection is really matter in it. You can attain the attention of buyers immediately. Therefore, we are listing below the Top 10 Worst Logo Designs of All Time for your inspiration so that you do not make such a mistake while designing a brand design. These design has some tricky faults which sometimes make a bad image in people’s first view and cannot hold their laughing.

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1. A-Style Logo


2. Clinica Dental Logo


3. Arlington Pediatric Center Logo


4. Institute Of Oriental Studies


5. Islamic understanding institute


6. Kudawara Pharmacy Logo


7. Mont-Sat Logo


8. Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission


9. MegaFlicks

logo design gone wrong bad worst failed

10. Office of Government Commerce Logo



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