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SCM Music Player for your Tumblr or WordPress Blogs!

SCM Music Player

SCM player seamless music for your websites, can be used in tumblr or WordPress blogs as best widget.

SCM Music Player is a free and open source web player.


  1. SCM music player for Tumblr

  3. Blogger.
  • Continous Playback Cross Pages – Seamless playback for your website.
  • Custom Skins – Match your look and feel. Choose or design your own skin.
  • Plays Everything – MP3, MP4, RSS Podcast or Youtube Playlist.
  • Save Spaces – Dockable player on top or bottom. Playlist can be toggled.
  • Setup Wizard – Create your SCM Music Player without any pain.
  • Cross Browsers – Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE.
  • Use in tumblr , wordpress or any site scm player is great.

Setup Wizard

  • Choose Skin
  •  Edit Playlist
  •  Configure Settings
  •  Select Done to proceed.
  • if you are a Returning user? Select Import Profile
  • Edit your current script.
  • Edit Playlist


If you like SCM Music Player, please consider donating to help subsidizing the hosting costs and development effort.



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