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50+ Cool and Creative Ideas in 2015-2016

cool and creative ideas 16

Creating a tree art is easy, if you use a little grey matter of your brain

cool and creative ideas 17

Making footsteps in a ground/plot with the shape of big leaf

cool and creative ideas 18

Making of ice cream pots

cool and creative ideas 19

Decorating your food’s plate is good

cool and creative ideas 20

Let the children grow into creative artists

cool and creative ideas 21

Old telephone dictionary finally can be used this way

cool and creative ideas 22

Making of a broom out of a plastic bottle

cool and creative ideas 23
Creative fruit art to spice up the way you eat

cool and creative ideas 24

Making your normal softy to a nice looking hand made creative one
cool and creative ideas 25

Page hangers or anchors can be more beautiful with little effort

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8 replies on “50+ Cool and Creative Ideas in 2015-2016”

Thank you Ahmad! This is a truly a list that made me smile, made me do things. I am getting inspired! Check here for the love I have for you and it:

Thanks one more time for this great list!

really really cool ideas to help ease our work in those little ways in a very environment-friendly way! linked you in the roll of sites tat i <3! great work! ;)

Those were some nice and good inspirations to look forward. Yes these ideas made me to think out of box.

Great work and creativity works hard on this working as its not an easy task but you can use many unusable items to decorate your home or any place and the saving space is the most great Idea you have float.

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