The topic of today’s post is round about 25+ Best jQuery Plugins for 2014. The following plugins will help you in optimizing your website.

jQuery which says write less, do more originally authored by John Resig designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML & PHP and basically is a coding of java script on the website that allows a dynamic experience for the users when they are browsing a website. jQuery is a free and open source software, licensed under the MIT License that helps in improving the navigation of the website and enhances accessibility of the website to many users. The jQuery library will also allow you to simplify the versatile applications like design animations and document management. If you are a newbie then with some practice you will also be able to create some abstractions with minimum animation and effects and also use high end widgets. The merits of jQuery included in as Ease of use, large library, Strong open source community, Great documentation and tutorials and Ajax support, and Functionality may be limited or jQuery JavaScript file required are some of its demerits.

Plugins are made for the ease of users by which you can enhance or increase the functionality of your web application. Enabling or disabling a plugin does not affect the core system or other plugins. Right now we are about to jQuery plugins so as jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries among web developers and designers therefore, many new plugins with amazing effects are created every day. Prevents Function Conflicts, Extendability, Chainability, Reusability, Encapsulation and Usability are some of its features which increase its importance. However, developers and designers prefer to use jQuery due to it abstracts many common tasks and allows to focus on application logic.

Following is a list of best jQuery Plugins to make your website fit, creative and innovative according to your website requirements. Finding the most appropriate and best jQuery plugin with marginal and light weight code is a tough job so we take out a selective but best list of jQuery plugins. Each plugin is associated to some unique and remarkable feature like you can get the best out of Slider, Carousel, Maps, Scroll and cropping plugins with you can resize, zoom, and crop, drag and move selection, you can zoom a certain round of image for maximum zoom as required, beautifully display text in quotes with flip transition, a unique price slider for any checkout websites to finalize the order and many more. So, enjoy the below list and give your website beautiful stunning view.

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#1- Flat jQuery Price Slider

price slider 507x700 imageDownload Access

#2- FooTable Plugin

footable image Download Access

#3- Justified Gallery

justified gallery 590x306 image Download Access

#4- Clock-style timepicker

clock jquery image Download Access

#5- Slidebars

slidebars image Download Access

#6- Gmaps jQuery Map Plugin

fusion table leyers imageDownload Access

#7- FormChimp – MailChimp ajax plugin for jQuery

formchimp image Download Access

#8- OWL Carousel

image carousel image Download Access

#9- jQuery Spellchecker

spellchecker imageDownload Access

#10- Chart js

chart imageDownload Access

#11- Draggabilly

drag and drop imageDownload Access

#12- Interact.js

interact drag image Download Access

#13- Sortable

sortable image Download Access

#14- Scattered Polaroid gallery

scattered gallery imageDownload Access

#15- Viewport Image Resize

resize image Download Access

#16- jQueryUI Limitslider

slider limit imageDownload Access

#17- Freewall

Freewall image Download Access

#18- jQuery fontIconPicker

iconpicker imageDownload Access

#19- jQuery Flip-Quote

flip quote image Download Access

#20- Bootstrap-dialog

dialog popup image Download Access

#21- jquery.tabelizer

tabel imageDownload Access

#22- Facebook Badge Jquery Plugin

face badge imageDownload Access

#23- Croppic

croppic image Download Access

#24- JQuery Plugin for Google Drive API

google drive imageDownload Access

#25- Pick-a-Color

pic color imageDownload Access

#26- Simple Vertical Menu

vertical menu image Download Access

#27- jQuery Message Form

message form image Download Access

#28- Magnifying Glass Plugin with jQuery and CSS3

maginify jquery imageDownload Access

#29- Jquery Progress Circle

jquery progress bar imageDownload Access