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November Page Rank Update Tool 2012

November Page Rank Update Tool 2012 is near. Every blogger is hearing a lot of fuss about page rank update. Rumors about 2nd, November have already been trolled by Google. Not only Google but some of the crazy people around here, are trolling bloggers, by posting funny status updates like “Got a PR5” and then telling others that it was a dream and nothing else :P
I wrote in May about PR update :Β 
& A lot of tips to increase PR here in Last PR Update

November Page Rank Update Tool 2012

November Page Rank Update Tool 2012

Check your Page Rank right now through the tool below. You just have to enter the domain name and click ‘Check PR

Click RefreshΒ 

More about Page Rank


November Page Rank Update Tool 1

November Page Rank Update Tool 2012 donts



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41 replies on “November Page Rank Update Tool 2012”

Hi Ahmad,

I thought it will predict my future page rank which i will get. It just show me some tool bars which i can use on my website. How ever nice explanation of Page rank. I hope i will get some good page rank.

Thank you


Here to hoping Google gives me some love with the upcoming update. All I want is a pr2 is that much to ask?

what you think for my blog..It has DA of 29 so what i can except from this update currently my PR is 0

If you guest post with us make your guest post like 1500 words lengthy and get around 50 comments, that post will get IA PR3 or PR4 in next PR update, you will get a dofollow link to your blog and most probably PR2 as well.

Thanks for sharing this post. I agree with you guest post is very important. And google page rank also is very useful and valuable for our blogging career. I like this information thanks again @Ahmad :) keep it up

My site is relatively new and I have been spending more time focusing on content, search term / keyword placement, social networking growth and obtaining more traffic. But the chance to increase my Google PageRank is something that has been in the back of my mind for some time and so now I am looking for some tips on how to gradually increase it and if it really is all that important. Thanks for the advice…

It’s been PR4 for a few years now.. not sure I should be happy or not but I never do any backlinking strategies or doing guest postings.. so I guess I should be grateful

I’ve a page rank, but nothing much have changed even with the update. Lets see fingers crossed.

My blog is less than 2 months old and my PR went from 0-3. I got my domain in september and today I noticed Google gave my site a PR3. Such an exciting feeling and I’m looking forward to making this successful if I can!!

Hi Ahmad,

Well first of all i would like to say that thanks a lot for the tool for checking the PR of the blog and next you’ve mentioned awesome points about the way to increase the PR.

And i liked your sentence and agree with your points about not using the softwares for link building and i agree with it too. And yeah the PR is updated and my blog to PR2.

thanks for the tips

HI Ahmad
Really Great post thanks for share it. I agree with you. I wandered to this site in search for PR update information – *** is just not keeping up with the latest updates.

I am really enjoying looking through this site and finding out about your business.

Awais Thanks For Sharing This Tool But Guide Me What Is Guest Posting.
From : Muhammad Omair Hassan

Hi Ahmadawais
Excellent and Important Article.
I Started My efforts 3 months before and now my efforts came true i got pr1..Thanks for share it.

I am not convinced, at all, that PageRank is not important. PR is a measurement of the importance of a page based on the quality of links to it – if you’re saying PR is not important, you’re saying links are not important.

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