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Google Page Ranks are Updating May 2012

For the time being Google Page Ranks are Updating after three months, right now all we know is that Page Rank Update is in process.Some of the bloggers reported to get increase in their blog's PR and others seemed to be discussing WHY NO CHANGE? So, with this situation, one fact is easy to analyze that Google is still under the process of updating the Page Ranks through out the world.

You can check your page rank from a commonly used site that is Page Rank Checker.

TIPS to Increase PAGE RANK


In the mean time I thought to share some tips for increasing your page rank, as most of you who don't know about the page rank update procedures or methods , or might be some new people around here want to know how they can get a nice page rank in next page rank update

  • Article marketing on Social Platforms (Avoid thinking that each post on your blog should hit the first page on Google & stop even struggling for it, try to share some of the best posts you have.) 
  • Commenting on relative blogs, those who are your competitors and have same niche are most preferred.
  • Forum Posting is an old technique by the way I am not a big fan of it.
  • You can submit feeds of your site to relative feed directories otherwise no don't spam.
  • Submit blog to Social bookmarking sites(Avoid sharing all of your posts like sharing each content update of your blog on 50 groups on Facebook yourself.)
  • On Page SEO Can help a lot(Read these articles for more help ,20 On Page SEO Tips Brief & To the Point,15+ ON PAGE SEO Killer TIPS Rank Better than Ever,4 On Page SEO Tips That You Should Never Miss
  • If your domain age is about 3 to 4 years it is a big plus, by the way i don't know how to get this issue solved. ::  -)
  • Guest Posting is one of the biggest factor by which you can get great backlinkins to your own site by posting free of cost articles on others' blogs.Do you want to guest post on ? Write For Us
  • There is a lot more on this subject but I will stop here to remain precise and to the point.

What more you should know ?

Read about 

Main Difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO


Revise Your SEO Techniques In Response To Google Engine Changes

Google updates the search patterns with time, there was a Panda Update in some early months and these days you might be aware of the Penguin update.IN penguin update there are two main things which are very important in accordance with terms of Google.

  1. Content is no more king, UNIQUE content is king.Yes, an article having more than 600 words with quite good syntax & symentax is what Google cares a lot about.I mean you must write nicely and naturally of-course , I never recommend to go wild reading books on SEO (though I did it), just be natural write in a nice way , your article must be revolving around 2 to 3 basic keywords if it has 600+ words length.
  2. No hidden text.I would like to share two video demonstrations on this fact from Matt Cutts Official Google SEO Mentor.

A Big Misconception to be Avoided

Most of the bloggers think that page rank update is like something that happens after most probably each three months time span, but no that's not true.Page rank is a kind of algorithm that Google uses to rank your page , it looks which authority sites have been linking to your page to be ranked, and how much authority are you sharing with links to others' sites in your certain page.Yes, Google keeps ranking your page throughout the year and the show , the outcome, or the unveiling act that happens more or less three months after one another  is just to keep the Page Ranking Wheel spinning.

Your Turn!

Tell us about your page rank without spamming your site links.What do you think, when will be the next Page Rank Update? Last one was 6th Feb,2012 — this one is 3rd May,2012 ? Watch the pattern! 

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13 replies on “Google Page Ranks are Updating May 2012”

Mine still stays the same and I’m expecting the next update.
How about your site?

Yes! I think the update is over, and its not under process. The major bogs already experienced PR changes, the who who doesn’t saw any changes, just good luck for next time

If you see into the Google toolbar updates, you will find it still updating.But some of my friend bloggers are still getting PR updates.

I somehow got a 4 year old domain which had less than million ranking in Alexa the day I created the website. ;) Although the Alexa ranking is improving in leaps and bounds, there is no change in PR. Think I need to follow the SEO tips on the page. Anyways, thanks for them.

I have heard that there is another update near 28th May.Buh it can be a rumor.Let’s see what happens. by the way way , try following on page SEO tips I wrote.

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