MoneyBookers Stopped Working Says Please wait…

MoneyBookers Stopped Working ???


Just surfing the internet I found out I had to pay one of my content writers. Thought of paying him through I just browsed the site and what I found was nothing is opening at all. Do you face this error? Gime your thoughts. I am worried and not only me a lot of other people having their money saved with this online bank will be worried to hear this NEWS.



What are your thoughts?

Moneybookers is getting a new layout. Calling itself Skrill

Moneybooker is scam, but wait it never did that before WTH now

Remember the case of Alertpay when it shifted to Payza ? Those were scary days

Skrill’s Fb Page

MoneyBookers Stopped Working


Some people report that moneybookers is back again. Still thinking of the reason why it was down? I gess the picture below can answer your question really well



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5 replies on “MoneyBookers Stopped Working Says Please wait…”

I think , it is not going to scam . Because the Moneybooker have a huge quantity of customers .Moneybooker could not afford to lose their customers . because it is real source of income .Hopefully everything will be okay in the next days .

I Hope these issues get resolved soon i had to receive some cash today but it didn’t opened at all.

I think, paypal is the best online payment system, then webmoney, but webmoney is popular in Russia only

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