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Amazing Collection of Flat Mobile UI Kit 2014

Today’s article is going to be written on an Amazing Collection of Flat Mobile UI Kit 2014. This is the era of high medium technology and mobilization. Revolutions are taking place day by day in the niche of networking. Mobile Interfaces Designers are becoming most prominent in today’s faced-paced network space. Apps designers are in particularly in the user interface. UI design motivates to user experience and interaction. While being easy-to-use it is an important part for a successful mobile app.

Flat Mobile UI Kit is a large interface Kit consisting of hundreds of mobile UI elements, which will be helpful in the designing of  the mobile user interface in Photoshop with ease. Sets of Icons and actions are installed in the kit. A newly set of high detailed GUI components for mobile application mock ups and rapid prototyping. The whole set is containing a high resolution PSD with layers as vector shapes that will be suitable for high resolution Retina capable iOS. This invention of Design Inspiration is really valuable.

There is a huge collection of vector icons used in mobile app mock ups or functional prototype. Besides it, extreme high resolution social media sharing buttons are also included as well as several sliders with large draggable controls with labels. Icons like cloud, controls, database, newspaper, keys, coffee cup, t-shirt,fire, paperclip, gear, watch, CD, monitor display are included and button samples with check boxes and radio buttons are also part of this set.

There is a series of header and footer components that also consists of a nice collection of icons  like Account, Globe and Heart alike. Hope you will get good review for this post.

1. Flatastic GUI Mobile Icon GUI Kit

Flatastic GUI cloud control key fire paperclip news t-shirt pencil diamond monitor display



2. Flatastic Social Media Buttons and Sliders in vector format for mobile GUI designs

Social Media Share Buttons Sliders Controls Knobs Checkboxes Radio Progress

3. Flatastic Mobile Header and Footer Components for Mockups

Flatastic Header Footer Icons Components Mobile Mockups


4. Flatastic Mobile GUI Kit preview and download

Flatastic Mobile UI Kit mockup preview



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