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25+ New & Amazing C4D Cinema 4D Templates

Today’s post is about 25+ New & Amazing C4D Cinema 4D Templates. These templates are best for recreating animation and modeling and will be helpful for you to be creative and innovative.

The world of Cinema is getting new dimension and nowadays we feel as a part of casting in the movie while watching the movie and this is made possible by 4D movies and these movies can be casted only in 4D movie cinemas. We should be thankful of technology because it is the next development to the already popular 3D.

4D stands for 4 dimensions. Cinema 4D is a 3D modeling, animation and rendering application developed by MAXON Computer GmbH of Germany. It can be able of procedural and polygonal modeling, animating, lighting, texturing, rendering, and common features found in 3D modeling applications. Cinema 4D runs on Windows and Macintosh systems. A number of films and related works have been modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D. Cinema 4D is a complete and complex solution for 3D video animation that gives you full power and control throughout the whole design and creation process. It is designed for Pro in film making, TV, advertising, science, architecture and other fields that require professional results.

What will be the more interesting than being able to create reality into your own vision? In the world of media we see animated characters, funny bouncy text in commercials and banners, but creating your own world can be the most captivating invitation from your 3D graphic applications free 3D models.

In order to give a life into your graphic applications try the following list of templates, these 25 + Newest C4D Cinema 4D Templates have the ability to build a stunning impression at the viewers and many of them do not need to have plugins. So, get a fun from C4D Cinema 4d!

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1- The Domain

The Domain

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

2- Top Awards

Top Awards

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

3- Domino Logo

Domino Logo

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

4- Equalize Logo Opener

Equalize Logo Opener

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

5- Rotatus 2

Rotatus 2

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

6- Metallic Text

Metallic Text

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

7- Football Highlights

Football Highlights

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

8- Simple 3D Logo

Simple 3D Logo

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

9- Flower Petal Open

Flower Petal Open

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

10- Kids Birthday

Kids Birthday

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

11- Jumbotron C4D+AE

Jumbotron C4D+AE

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

12- Heart


[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

13- Post It Notes

Post It Notes

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

14- Speaker Intro

Speaker Intro

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

15- Elegant, Lively & Dynamic Logo Sting


[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

16- Tri-fold Resume With Portfolio

Tri-fold Resume With Portfolio

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

17- Rotating Logo

Rotating Logo

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

18- American Football Intro Ident

American Football Intro Ident

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

19- Exploded Sphere Logo

Exploded Sphere Logo

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

20- Neon & LEDS

Neon & LEDS

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

21- Architecture Lines Logo

Architecture Lines Logo

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

22- Robot Hand Logo

Robot Hand Logo

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

23- Global News Ident Broadcast Pack

Global News Ident Broadcast Pack

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

24- Futuristic Video Display

Futuristic Video Display

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]

25- The Desk Calendar

The Desk Calendar

[b l=””] Download Now[/b]



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