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Best Nail Art Designs for Valentine’s Day 2014

Today’s post is about the Best Nail Art Designs for Valentine’s Day 2014. So, girls, this post can only be related to you. Prepare yourself for your Valentines. Your hands should look as beautiful as you are from inside so that your valentine not only gets attracted to you but also bounds you in an ever lasting relationship.

Well Girls! Eleven days are left behind to meet the Valentine’s Day. Every one who is in a relationship is busy in the preparation of this loving day. Preparation are made from public level to an individual level. Valentine’s Day Cards, Valentine’s Day Gifts, Valentine’s Day Sweets, Valentine’s Day Dinners and many more related to Valentine’s Day are in the list of surprises that will be given. On this day your outer beauty will also matter the same way as your inner beauty. So, look after yourself and be a beauty queen on this Valentine’s Day for your loved one.

Here are the Best Nail Art Designs for this upcoming Valentine’s Day below. Girls especially teen ages girls are crazy to play these kinds of tricks. Nail Arts is one of the most popular Art forms these days. Treat your nails in the best manner. After  all, a card might be a nice shrug, but sparkly colorful nails are an  lenience you can savor for manicures to come! These are the simple but attractive design can be carried by each age of ladies. Teenage, young, adults and even older ones can try these designs. I hope this Valentine’s Day is going to be full of colors for you. So, hurry up girls be the first one to try this Nail Art.

Design # 1

hqdefault.jpg (480×360)

Design #2

These hearts aren't bleeding. They just have strong roots.Design # 3

Just what the love doctor ordered.

Design # 4

Here's a creative thought — try forming words on separate hands.

Design # 5

mydesigns4you_295980_l.jpg (630×472)

Design # 6

Here's a red-and-pink tutorial you can do with binder stickies.

Design# 7

For the girl who doesn't like to be too obvious.

Design # 8

Design # 9

S1053475.JPG (1560×992)

Design # 10

Here's another way to do a V-day mani without splashy colors: The Beauty Department has this clever tutorial which spells "love" in morse code.

Design # 11

amazing-and-beautiful-valentine-day-nail-designs-smashing-feed-345690.jpg (800×600)

Design # 12

valentines-day-nail-art.JPG (486×348)

Design # 13

You can achieve this look with a top coat with tiny hearts.

Design # 14

02-valentine-nail-art-heart.jpg (477×636)

Design # 15

heart-nail-art-valentines-day-callina-marie-151208.jpg (580×435)

Design # 16

This cursive design feels elegant and natural.

Design # 17

15-Inspiring-Valentines-Day-Nail-Art-Designs-Ideas-2013-For-Girls-41.jpg (550×550)

Design # 18

Whoa. This candy hearts tutorial is super involved. But the result is pure awesome.

Design # 19

 ValentinesDayNailArt-RealAsianBeauty2_zpsa07fcd36.jpg (1024×769)

Design # 20

Not to worry — these chocolate boxes are actually decals you can get on Etsy.

Design # 21

This quirky look was created with nail stickers and rhinestones.

Design # 22

Ahh! A kiss manicure!

Design # 23

 nails.jpg (450×450)

Design # 24

Here's a brilliant modification of the ombre-sponge technique.

Design # 25


Design # 26

Of course, if you're a Valentine's Day hater, you can always opt for this:


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