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25 Creative Round LOGO Design Inspirations

Logo designing is the no.1 category of graphics designing. A graphic designer is not a graphic designer if he doesn’t know how to design creative, catchy and ever fresh LOGO. There are many shapes he can choose from. But today in LOGO design world, circular LOGO designs are considered more modern and professional. Although they are difficult to design and they require tons of experience, yet they are memorable and are not very common. In-fact they are most trending logos for companies now a days. Many leading companies use such kind of logos. You might have seen them billion times on television advertisements but you always love and remember them.

If a company logo is really good, they can use it for advertising easily. A good LOGO is the one which is well-associated with the product and one can recognize the product just after seeing the logo. That is what a company actually needs, so anyone willing to become a good logo designer should have the skill of circular designs. If you create mobile website a good logo is necessary.

So here I brought you a list of 25 creative examples of circular logo designs. Some of them also belong to multinational companies which you might have seen many times but this time try to see them with a designer’s eye and think that how difficult they are to make!

1. Wire filter

2. Wolksvagen

3. Xerox

4. Target

5. Tide

6. Spar

7. Schlinder

8. Lucent

9. Holden

10. Dot design

11. Dia

12. Indra

13. Der-Grune-punkt

14. Dell


15. Cbs

16. Barcadi

17. AT&T

18. Accelrys

19. Alfa Romeo

20. Yamaha

21. Air Canada

22. Korean airline

23. Hard Candy

24. Cardinal

25. Saab


By AhmadBilal

Ahmad Bilal is one of the youngest Bloggers in Pakistan. He knows how to code in HTML & CSS and has recently started blogging at the age of 10. Graphics Design world inspires him to earn through LOGO Designing as a Freelancer. He knows Photoshop as well. He Loves and plays football so often.

30 replies on “25 Creative Round LOGO Design Inspirations”

The list was cool ahmad but there should not be the tide logo in the list….It looks odd..What do you think about this??

Hey Bilal,

I’m impressed! Really, a post by one of the youngest bloggers. I’m sure, that you’ll be more creative, and a Good Blogger very like Ahmad Awais Bro.. Thanks for awesome list, I’ve little interest in Designing, but not at all. I love to blog, and love to do things..

I’ll try to be logo designer too, but it’s not a time for that!.. Thank You very much bro.. Well Going, keep on!

Wow. You’re superb Ahmad. I love reading your writing. You are right. Logos are important for branding. Thanks for letting us know all about that.

Ahmad Awais bhai thanks for introducing him to us. He’s proud of Pakistan.

In the end I’d love to raise a slogan, “Ye Bhi Hai Pakistan!”

Thanks for the appreciation ! The post author is my younger brother ! He is new to to blogging ! He will reply you soon. By the way TIDE logo got your attention :) This is all they wanted when they designed it.

Welcome to the world of blog-o-sphere Ahmad Bilal. Nice post and the key to success in this field is just consistency. Initially you will face hurdles but its your passion which matter the most. Once again congratulations.

Great collection of logos. I wish you luck, hope you progress more. Keep up the good work.

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