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70 “Dumb” Blogging Mistakes You’re Likely to Commit

Successful people learn from their own mistakes. Most successful people learn from others’ mistakes. — (perhaps, Derek Halpern)

Tell me one person on the earth who does not commit mistakes?


You can’t find one, I bet, can you? We all commit mistakes notwithstanding of whether they belong to our online or offline presence. Failures are real success, so fail fearlessly. Whoever is a success today have had sometime back been a BIG failure. Yep, Bill Gates failed sometime. Steve Jobs failed sometime. Almost every prosperous entrepreneur we see today had failures before he ever came to be known as a ‘successful entrepreneur’.

Here are 69 blogging mistakes that I see bloggers commit, and THE biggest mistake people commit, totally 70 mistakes!

Beware, if you avoid the biggest one you might do what you never thought you could. I’ve put them together, probably not the definitive list, but there’s a lot to learn and do if you just avoid them. Failing is good, but it doesn’t sound good to me when done intentionally.

I suggest you to learn from them, and one more thing they might look “dumb” themselves, but they all make sense. Common sense.

So let’s dive in …

70 Blogging Mistakes

1. Talking JTT.

Talking to talk, writing to write, publishing to publish. Most of the bloggers talk about stuff that they either don’t know well or they’re talking  JUST TO TALK (JTT).


2. Widgets.

There’s nothing wrong in showing widgets to your readers, but what’s the use of keeping things that serve no purpose? Indicate them to the exit door.

WordPress widgets

3. Font size.

Can you read me? If so, the font size kept does it’s job well! Does yours do? Or you’re asking your readers to bring a magnification glass, silently? Ask a friend, if he can read yours.

Font size

4. Search bar.

It serves a good purpose. However, when a blog has not got “enough” content to be read, how do you dare thinking it is fair to have it? If, in a case, someone uses your search bar, but he doesn’t get what he expected, what’s next? Either, [x] button or even he will never  get back. Horrible? Read this article for more on this.

 Search bar

5. Dark vs light.

Both color schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your needs, niche, audience and rarely your choice to find which fits your blog best. Check this article for comparison.

Dark vs Light

6. Domain name.

It is your home address. A friend of yours wants to check you at your blog after a certain interval of time, if he knows your address, he finds you. Otherwise he doesn’t get to where he wanted.

7. No security.

If you’re on WordPress, here’s a question for you; are you sure of your blog security? Ever since now, most of the sites that get hacked are hosted on WordPress, apparently. Read this article for tips on how to secure.

8. Boring headlines.

Headlines are the key to every article you wrote, so far. If they’re not compelling, you might lose what you deserve. This report might help you, a lot.

Effective headlines 9. No contact.

One of the most essentials pages a site MUST have is a contact page. Do you have it?

No contact

10. Undervaluing ‘about’ page.

It’s one of the most often visited pages on your blog. And it should have it’s own voice. Keep it simple, short, creative (you’re smart) and touch personally. Read this article to find out more on this.


11. Screaming ads.

Don’t scare your visitors by displaying those screaming ads. Bad way to be in their dreams, friend. Look, even this little child is afraid of them.

Screaming adss

12. Poor navigation.

Are you sure if your blog readers don’t get lost? Easy to navigate sites tend to keep readers more happy, keep the visitors stay at site and help them find what they’re looking for . It also may confuse search bots as well, don’t let them ask where is ________ [fill it].

Where to go and how

13. Posting frequency.

When you’ve a posting schedule, you’ve to write forcefully various times. Just because you’ve to keep up with the schedule, you may stress yourself out. Don’t sew yourself with a posting schedule. Say when you’ve something to. Not when you’ve to.

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something. — Plato

Posting frequency

14. Traffic is not the main asset.

I’m sorry to tell you the bitter truth, but the traffic is NOT everything. It’s not the main asset. Yep, it is not. The main asset should be listeners/readers. Here’s why you should not care TOO much about it.


15. Grammatical mistakes.

You don’t realize when you go wrong with them, I too. Spend a few hours, and learn the grammatical rules. It worths your time, so time worths it. Don’t expect me to be good at it.

Grammatical rules

16. Not starting a mailing list.

What’s the best way to stay in touch with your readers, and communicate with each personally? Mailing list. Read this one.

Email list

17. Worry about SEO.

Worry is useless. Do for humans as search engine0s do for them and they will bring you up, if your stuff is useful to their users (read again!).


18. Comparing.

Why compare with others? You’re YOU, and you should be YOU. Not someone else. That’s your story, and you should write it yourself. Don’t copy others, it’s not your exam.


19. Text link ads.

I call it tricking. I just clicked a link, found it to be an ad, isn’t that a kinda trick? eh? Silly way.


20. Pop ups.

They’re very annoying, right? For the sake of few Facebook likes, or email subscribers, you probably are going to lose more than you’ll get.
Pop up

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24 replies on “70 “Dumb” Blogging Mistakes You’re Likely to Commit”

Yes, I thought this is the most valuable article I am reading ” Very good written and ya there are number of mistakes which I do also Commit :P
Thanks for sharing these valuable Tips :)

The article is a must read for every blogger and you have done an amazing job of rounding up almost everything which is being ignored by most of the people who strive hard to success (even successful bloggers do commit many of these mistakes) but still there should be one article like this as it helps like a self check for every blogger before doing anything.

PS: I can’t see the images in this post, please check if it is working for every one.

Here is the list from where you can get success as soon as possible and these are the these kind of mistakes which you should notice on any how in blogging field as well as for other profile.

Well most of the mistakes you have write here all about those people who want money from the day one the start blogging and some of them are from those we are newbies as you are right there are non who do no make mistakes but learning from mistakes make you strong and perfect.
You have mentioned all the possible mistakes which could be accord thank you for sharing this.

Well put Mairaj. Happy to see your Guest Post here.
You really know how to treat your readers and make your blog feel more Homely.
I really liked the part where you talked about annoying ads.
Congrats :)

Great post! The rules 1 is very important, at my beginning I just wanted to write to write and it was a mistake, just write to express yourself and to give your best on a special topic.
I really liked the part about the annoying ads too…
Thanks :)

What else could I say except thanking? Let me know if any (that wouldn’t be bad I guess).
Thank you.

Hi.. Mairaj
I am not agreed with one point that is traffic is not important. The truth is without traffic nobody can stand in blogging.If your not giving the importance to traffic then why you are talking about SEO and other stuff all other stuffs which you are discussing here only for traffic ..Am i right ???

Thanks for stopping by, mate.
Btw, images are perfect here. Problem might be at your end.

I want to tell something, you know what you need to make schedule and force yourself to post, otherwise you will be sooo lazyy, and if u keep up with the schedule then you will be on the TOP, dont care about readers, care about Google bots, so if you love bots, bots will love you back, then automatically you will be on the top and when you are on the top then people will HAVE to come to you.. ;)

superb post, being newbie in blogging I’ll try to avoid the mistakes you mentioned.

poor images look silly I know, but they increase load time as well. I also hate too many check boxes :P

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