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70 “Dumb” Blogging Mistakes You’re Likely to Commit

21. Alexa is overrated.

Relax and work on what you should be; content. By the way, I’ve found that Alexa ranks based on posting frequency, found it unintentionally though.

Alexa22. Posting just to post.

Who’d read such an article that’s thrown out as garbage? I’ll not.

Publish it

23. It’s not all about YOU.

Solve problems, help readers, be helpful and resourceful. In blogging, it’s not about you, but about them.

About you

24. Scrolling ads.

For the sake some bucks, don’t risk your name, your credibility and blog’s success. They’re good with a fairly good CTR, but they might annoy most of them.

Screaming ads

25. Commenting for links.

The concept behind the comment section is to let your readers express their remarks, it’s not for links.

Commenting for links

26. Lazy blog.

In this online era, you’ve only a few seconds or milliseconds to grab eyeballs. Be faster or be TOO lazy. Choice, of course, is yours.


27. Giving TOO much.

Give less, get more. That’s one of the best things I’ve learned so far about blogging. Don’t overwhelm your visitors by displaying TOO much ad units, showing many articles on the homepage, placing each social sharing site button etc.

less is more

28. Opening introduction.

Ensure, your introduction isn’t lengthy, boring, confusing or dead! Most of the times, being homor at this pace helps a lot. Look, how did I start this article.

i dont know

29. Scrolling sharebar.

I hate it. What follows when it annoys me; [x] button. Do you want me to do same with yours? If you still don’t want to get this off, ensure it doesn’t affect user experience.


30. No RSS feed.

It’s one of the things to set after having your blog live.

RSS feed

31. Quantity vs Quality.

Quality wins, most of the time, but does not the quantity loses having that said.

Quality vs quantity

32. Background music.

For majority of the people, listening to music while reading is yet another kind of distraction. It diverts human brain.


33. Not responding to comments.

Respond where it’s necessary, at least. Getting back to each comment encourage other silent readers to get involved in the discussions, so nothing bad in that.

No response

34. No networking.

If you want others to come to your blog and hangout, you’ll have to go to theirs and do the same. Though, it’s NEVER essential, but recommended. Networking does not mean to spend time on someone else’s site, it’s about being friends and building relationships with like-minded people.


35. Not having a plan.

When you don’t have a plan (map), chances are higher that you may get to where you didn’t expect. This way, you do what comes to your way, not what MATTERS!


36. Permalink structure.

Which one’s better; or ?

Permalink structure

37. Long permalink.

Keep it short, simple and easily rememberable.


38. Wasting TOOOO much time.

Facebook is a waste of time. It is the waste of time, for most of the part. Most bloggers out there give their precious time away, there. Social networking sites consume a lot of time.


39. Monetizing too early.

Monetize when you’ve enough audience (by audience, I mean readers. Not visitors).



40. Wasting time.

If there’d be one thing I had to say anyone to care about, it’d be time.

Wasting time


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24 replies on “70 “Dumb” Blogging Mistakes You’re Likely to Commit”

Yes, I thought this is the most valuable article I am reading ” Very good written and ya there are number of mistakes which I do also Commit :P
Thanks for sharing these valuable Tips :)

The article is a must read for every blogger and you have done an amazing job of rounding up almost everything which is being ignored by most of the people who strive hard to success (even successful bloggers do commit many of these mistakes) but still there should be one article like this as it helps like a self check for every blogger before doing anything.

PS: I can’t see the images in this post, please check if it is working for every one.

Here is the list from where you can get success as soon as possible and these are the these kind of mistakes which you should notice on any how in blogging field as well as for other profile.

Well most of the mistakes you have write here all about those people who want money from the day one the start blogging and some of them are from those we are newbies as you are right there are non who do no make mistakes but learning from mistakes make you strong and perfect.
You have mentioned all the possible mistakes which could be accord thank you for sharing this.

Well put Mairaj. Happy to see your Guest Post here.
You really know how to treat your readers and make your blog feel more Homely.
I really liked the part where you talked about annoying ads.
Congrats :)

Great post! The rules 1 is very important, at my beginning I just wanted to write to write and it was a mistake, just write to express yourself and to give your best on a special topic.
I really liked the part about the annoying ads too…
Thanks :)

What else could I say except thanking? Let me know if any (that wouldn’t be bad I guess).
Thank you.

Hi.. Mairaj
I am not agreed with one point that is traffic is not important. The truth is without traffic nobody can stand in blogging.If your not giving the importance to traffic then why you are talking about SEO and other stuff all other stuffs which you are discussing here only for traffic ..Am i right ???

Thanks for stopping by, mate.
Btw, images are perfect here. Problem might be at your end.

I want to tell something, you know what you need to make schedule and force yourself to post, otherwise you will be sooo lazyy, and if u keep up with the schedule then you will be on the TOP, dont care about readers, care about Google bots, so if you love bots, bots will love you back, then automatically you will be on the top and when you are on the top then people will HAVE to come to you.. ;)

superb post, being newbie in blogging I’ll try to avoid the mistakes you mentioned.

poor images look silly I know, but they increase load time as well. I also hate too many check boxes :P

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