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How to Remove Babylon Search Malware / Virus From Chrome

How to Remove Babylon Search???


Recently I’ve been pissed off by the Babylon Search Engine which accidently got installed in my laptop while downloading a movie from the internet. It made my life on internet such a hell that I don’t have words to explain. I’m sure a lot of you had faced, are facing or might face this problem in future. So today, I will explain how to get rid from the Babylon Search in Google Chrome.

Here are the steps you follow to remove it:

  • Click “START” button.
  • Select the “CONTROL PANEL.”
  • There go to “ADD/REMOVE” and select Babylon Search.
  • Bring up Google Chrome, click onto Chrome Options on the top in the right most corner and select “SETTINGS.”
  • In the Settings look for “SEARCH" heading and change it from Babylon Search to Google.
  • Then click “MANAGE SEARCH ENGINES” right next to where you just selected Google as above and “REMOVE BABYLON.”
  • Last again in the Chrome Settings look up for “STARTUP"heading there you’ll encounter three options.
  • Here you’ll find your computer bearing Babylon Search, select “REMOVE BABYLON” and your computer will be free from Babylon Search.

I hope you find the above mentioned procedure quite comprehensive and easy to learn. Hope, that this will do the trick for you!!!

Video Demonstration

For those who still didn't understand this quick tutorial, I have screen cast which can guide you through all the steps on How to do it yourself.


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11 replies on “How to Remove Babylon Search Malware / Virus From Chrome”

First of all I’m not a Chrome user. I always use Firefox and and I have faced this problem.
I have installed a screen capture software ones and it’s toolbar automatically installed. Now it took half of my screen. I’m unable to remove it.

What a timely article I must say, because I am facing this problem these days. Thanks for the rescue. Now I can throw this out quite easily.

Incidentally, I also experienced the same thing.. And then I saw your article link on my WP dashboard (I use your WP MashSocial Plugin). I got a problem with this Babylon search 3 days ago when I was doing a survey (to get a free .com domain lol) and what a bother it was to me. Finally I managed to delete it after reading your little tips … Thanks Ahmad!

I had the same problem recently.. but found the solution after searching entire chrome settings as you explained here.
Nice and informative post for chrome NewB’s :D

I saw many of my friends browsers are installed with this search provider. I thought they might have installed the Babylon translation pack and never imagined it is a malware.

Thanks for this valuable post but what about registry setting area ?how can we remove Babylon Search related key from registry?Is it mandatory to removing from that area?

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