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10 Common Guest Blogging Mistakes People Make

In my previous articles I’ve been highlighting the multiple times, the importance of guest posting. It generates extra traffic, helps in quick indexing and helps to generate revenue and a high PR for your blog. Guest postings is the most effective way of Link Building for your site. But guest blogging does not mean that you write quality content and expect heavy traffic to come and read your stuff. Sometimes, you make such mistakes which topples down everything for you and instead you experience negative effects.

Here are the commonly made mistake which one might make willingly or unwillingly.

#10 Catchy Title:-

When you start writing a guest post you should very careful in selecting the title of your post. I am sure many of you might be asking a strong reason for this. Today, almost every successful blog publishes guest posts and you have to face a tough competition. So to prove your worth as professional guest blogger your content must contain an attractive title.

#9 Reply to Feedback:-


Even if you write for other’s blog you will still get the feedback by the readers. So it is important to respond it if you want to prove your worth. This is beneficial for your career as guest blogger plus for the site owner. There are chance that you may get into some kind of argument or the readers may ask some weird questions about your content. In all these circumstances it is seen that people become very harsh and rude in their tone. So they have to keep this in their mind that they are not writing only for one site, they are doing it for many and it is very important to create a healthy image.


#8 Quantity over Quality:-

When it comes to guest posting a very common mistake that is observed is that people focus on writing for a number of sites at one time. This affects their uniqueness in their writing and their content is affected. Also it is observed that people write quality content for their own blog if they have any write poorly for others. This is not a professional approach because it show selfishness and professional jealousy. Write with full dedication and sincerity as if you are writing it for your own blog.

#7 Long Posts:-

This is the continuation of the previous mistake that is commonly made in guest posting. Some people think that long posts are highly appreciated and get a good response. According to me a guest post on a reasonable topic is well enough for 300 words. In this way you can maintain the quality of your content plus earn a healthy response.

#6 Guest Posting Niche:-

Initially when you start off your career as guest blogger, your main focus is to prove your worth in a limited number of days. To achieve this you select writing for sites which have a high PR. But in this scenario you neglect that you might go for those sites which are against your niche. E.g. if your genre is technology articles and you start writing on food and travel so this will sound weird. So you must be very selective in the choosing the topic for guest posts. Further do not rely only on your abilities, seek help of others if you can’t accomplish any part of your post. E.g. if your designing abilities are not promising then don’t risk your post. Hire the services of a professional designer for images etc.

#5 Well Addressed Biography:-

While writing guests posts what runs in your mind is purpose why are you doing it?  You are doing it to get back links, traffic and advertising your site if you own any. Hence, an impactful intro of yours is very important. You should properly mention your skills not only as a blogger but also for writing guest posts. Be very much accurate and simple so that people can judge you and your skills just in one glance.

#4 Follow up via Email:-

One thing should be kept in mind that people who are reading your guest posts might not read it again. So you can easily lose your readers this way. A wise tactic will be to evolve their attention through following them up through emails. In this case relying solely on RSS feed subscribers may not be sufficient enough. This will work as long as for your own blog.

#3 Focus on the Hearts and Minds of Readers:-

As a guest blogger your main target is to get traffic and repeated readers. This can only be done if you are offering content of their choice. So your main focus should not be what you want to write but on what your readers want you to write in your own niche. Write in such a way that they respect you and start learning from your experience.

#2 Evolving in the Blog:-

Another mistake people make in writing guest content is that sometimes they write in such a way that they consider writing it for their own audience. They forget the fact that their content is being published on a forum which does not belong to them. So avoid narrating such information which is restricted to you or to a limited readers. Take a few words to give a detailed description of an event that you are quoting. E.g. if you are talking about a sports tournament held in your town then only a few readers might know so describe it in a comprehensive way. Plus you should have a thorough knowledge about the blog for which you are writing. Because in this way you will know about your target audience.

#1 Too Many Links:-

If you are an effective guest blogger then you might be writing excellent guest posts for your genre. But in this way you make a silly mistake of adding your links to your previous posts in relation to your post. So avoid crowding your post with too many links. Branding is important but not at the cost of your quality. It gives a messy look to your post and leaves a negative impression.


I am sure that many you are into this guest posting business and you definitely make any of the above mentioned mistakes. Still if you want to add anything new in the list your precious comments are always welcomed. Do share your personal experience with us.

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14 replies on “10 Common Guest Blogging Mistakes People Make”

I’d like to add my own point of view about guest posts;
Write as it’s going to be published at “Dawn” Newspaper! Haha, just kidding. Write based on others needs. Write to inspire, that’s all.

Thanks for a blog post related to blogging, where am I.

Nice Tips,
Another Mistake done by some guest blogger they do not reply on the comments of their guest post, which makes that guest post waste because if a post is really good and you are posting somewhere then you should reply and answer the questions of Commentors, blog owner cant reply on guest post he/she can write only their views about that post.

Every blog has its own audience and its always good to meet new people and get the attention of the new crowd. Guest blogging should be something for that and not just for links, but most do it just for links. Your points were exactly what I want to tell those who guest post just for links.

btw, you have very smartly customized your blog with all css tricks. I’d love to subscribe if you have any css specific subscription option.

Personally I think even if you guest post for the sake of earning links is not wrong, because bloggers put in their untiring efforts for their work and they want it to be praised and rewarding. Yes as long as you don’t try any unfair means to achieve it there is nothing wrong :)

I think that of feedback is a sin most guest writers always commit. I once commented on a guest post about using local visa cards for payments on foreign websites, only to find out it was the site owner who replied to my question. Worst still, his reply was out of point.

So, its very important that guest bloggers learn to reply to their own posts.

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