14 Ways to Get more Traffic for your Blog

14 Ways to Get more Traffic for your Blog inside this post can make you hit your goals. Ever wandered How the Gigantic blogs get traffic? What they do to get traffic?

Any person who is engaged in any kind of work demands and expects appreciation for his effort and hard work and indeed this is his right. Bloggers throughout the world put in their untiring efforts to earn appreciation. So a successful blogger should bear a clever mind in bringing high traffic for his blog. This can be done through a number of ways.


#14 : Consistency:-

A blogger should be very much consistent in his writing. He must be quite regular in writing posts so that when your traffic is coming they don’t get disappointed on seeing no new fresh content. The quality of work should be maintained in order to encourage traffic coming to your blog over and over again and referring others to read your work.

#13: Target Market:-

When a blogger is writing something he should keep in mind the target market. If his post is addressing only to a small bunch of people then this may not bring in sufficient traffic. So be very wise before selecting the topic you decide to write on. E.g. if you are writing on an unnoticeable issue then very few will like reading it.

#12: Suspense:-

To engage your traffic more into your work, your writing should create suspense among the traffic. Try creating some sort of mystery among people so that they are forced to come to your blog again and again.

#11: Involvement of Traffic:-

It is a wise trick to involve people in your work in order to get more traffic. This could be done through organizing contests through which you may distribute giveaways among the traffic. This tactic highly engages your traffic in your work. E.g. how about giving away small token of love special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day or on Father’s or Mother’s Day etc.

#10: Showing Presence:-

To publicize your blog you may show up your presence on social media with regular updating from your blog. Plus at the same time you may participate in different contests and if you win them it’ll be like an icing to cake. This will automatically speak for the worth and quality of your blog encouraging more traffic to appear. At the same time adopt the habit of sharing your success through your blog with the people. This will also create a difference.

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#9: Layout:-

The layout of your blog is a strong factor is bringing more traffic. Your blog and its posts should be very eye capturing. One should try every possible way to make his blog post look appealing. This may be done through adding colors, quality images, audio and visual effects.

#8: Comments:-

It is highly acknowledging that the traffic drop in their valuable comments for your blog posts. So it is highly ill mannered not to reply to those comments. Hence, be in a habit of replying to your readers regularly. Another clever act will be to add questions to your comments which you reply in an answer. This will encourage them to comment over and over again hence, visiting your blog quite often.

#7: Guest Posts:-

To boost traffic guest posts are always welcomed. In the beginning it is very difficult to earn success so guest posts do quite a bit of job in generating good traffic. You should also write guest posts for other blogs because they will pay you back with the same favor.

#6: Usage of Blogroll:-

Adding links of the sites which you like the most in your blogroll will encourage those site owners to include your blog link in their blogroll. This reciprocal of favors will enhance the traffic for your blog.

#5: Keyword Selection:-

Before posting any article you must be very careful in selecting the keywords for your article. Your keywords should be sensitive to search engine. The moment one types the first few words of his search, the search engine should display your blog as a result.

#4: Search Engines:-

You should submit your blog to the popular search engines worldwide e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc. This is a wise decision and will generate extra traffic which is a very healthy sign for your blog.

#3: Adding References:-

Adding references and links of your previous posts and of other’s blog post is quite an effective way to generate extra traffic towards your blog. This way you are generating a two way traffic one for your own blog and also for other’s blog.

#2: Tagging:-

Tagging your posts is quite motivating in bringing extra traffic. If you add tags to each of your blog posts, then the search engines can sense them very easily and can be a source of help to you. It takes only a few seconds to add tags.

#1: RSS Feed:-

Syndicating your blog post using a RSS Feed button is of great help for your blog. This feature is especially for all the loyal readers who are very regular in reading your content. This helps them not only reading but also informing them about the newly posted stuff.


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Commenting and writing guest posts are most common ways, tagging some informational photos with friends from our FB page will ultimately bring more visitors.

Thanking you for the brief lists.

I am guessing that the largest amount of traffic comes from your email lists or rss feed subscribers?

The thing is in order to build lists and people interested in opting in for Feed Burner… I think there has to be a website that has received SEO attention that was the foundation for filtering traffic to the new site.

Where did all of the followers come from on Youtube?

I think you have to be a well know authority in order to achieve the results that you did on this new site.

Adding references really work. I have found it really effective that when i add references/ links towards my website from my blog, the traffic increases.

All tips are good but you could have elaborated each point a little more. A good effort though.

its a good list of tips…….all we followed so i like the “suspense” one this can be more beneficial.

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