Jun 14, 2013

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  • fabinu ibidapo

    Nice Collection. Got to download some of the game to my pc

  • http://www.guideandnews.com Ehsan Ullah

    I have played the Far Cry 3 and all previous parts of God Of War, but not this one.
    Thanks for sharing all of it here.

    • http://www.technotactics.in Mosam Gor

      But Far cry 3 will Release on Dec 4 2012 :P

      • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

        It is reported to be one of the TOP 25 games in 2013 by the post author. What are your views about that?

  • http://seohomes.blogspot.com/ Atif Imran

    The need 4 speed is my all time favorite .Lots of memories attached to this great game .I am waiting for Prince of Persia. But unfortunately I have not seen in this list . Anyhow great article .

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Atif you care to get a display picture? Go register here en.gravator.com with the same email you comment with.

      • http://hulkblog.com/ Hammad Siddiqi

        The domain “en.gravator.com” is not working :/

      • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

        Thanks for pointing out this silly mistake by us. I a scared I replaced an ‘a’ with ‘o’ at the end.
        The correct URL is http://gravatar.com/

  • http://www.internetdreamz.com Guppu Boss

    My favourite Tekken Games is missing :(

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Include it in your own contribution! What ya say?

  • http://www.technikant.com/ shubham

    my favorite call of duty..!!!

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Good selection. You finally got a display pic.

      • Ali

        How to get display picture here?????????

      • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

        Ali you have to register at http://en.gravatar.com/ with the same email ID you use to comment. Then upload a DP there and you DP will be availabel worldwide, at any WordPress blog.

      • Shubham

        Hehe Yes :) Glad you noticed :) Happy New year Ahmad

  • http://www.trickytechno.com/ mohit

    waiting for these games….

    • omg

      ya that is true

  • http://freakify.com Alina Sofia

    All the games are very enthralling will surely download some of these.

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      You’ll love them.

  • Salman Ahmad

    Waiting For Farcry 3

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      It’s gona be legen…wait for it..dary

  • http://www.noypigeeks.com/ Adam Parnala

    Oh, Grad Theft Auto V! I need to get that one! Is it available already?

  • Atif Imran

    Okey brother

  • http://www.aginfosoft.com/ CBhushan

    Hello Ahmadawais, all the games are very enthralling will surely download some of these.but my favorite call of duty..!!!

  • Ali

    dude mostly games you mentioned are releasing this year. In my view Hitman and the GTA V are most awaited games as they were planned to release this year. Thanks for sharing some information though.

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      This is not about the game release. You are missing the whole point here. It is like these 25 games will be at the top in 2013, ruling the market. In accordance to author.

  • http://www.techdesighn.com Ahsan

    Generally I am not fan of games. But I love to check the popular games you recommended here

  • http://www.unofficialtech.com/ Rabia Akram

    New year is just around the corner,and im ready to set my sight for all the games to come in 2013.Thanks for such a nice collection.

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Rabia how about putting up a gravatar?

  • http://graduationoneyear.com/ graduationoneyear.

    this is a great article that may be use the same menu file that may us the

  • http://waqascheema.com/ WaqasCheema

    Big fan of shooting games specially Halo 4 and Gar of wars … but this list is missing some upcoming games in 2013 like
    Beyond Good And Evil 2
    Tomb Raider
    Killzone: Mercenary
    Battlefield 3: End Game
    The Last of US
    Beyond: Two Souls
    Start a StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
    Injustice: Gods Among Us
    Prey 2
    Company of Heroes 2
    Command & Conquer: Generals 2
    Remember Me

  • http://www.roundnews.com Julius

    Grand Theft Auto V only takes the tenth spot? :( I guess this could be true but I for one can’t wait for GTA V and Warcraft 3 Dota 2. I look forward for the other 23 games mentioned here and I’ll watch for their release so thank you for the heads up! ;)

  • http://www.greatbritishbingo.co.uk/ Matt

    Hey !
    Bioshock infinite sounds awesome.
    I am crazy about the games, and thanks for these updates.
    I think, I really can not afford to miss these extraordinary games.

    • http://freakify.com Muhammad Shoaib

      Most welcome :)

  • http://techbeats.net/ Salman Ahmad

    Such a huge list !
    I think no other game can beat Walking Dead ! Waiting for the other 5 episodes releasing in 2013.

  • http://123infoworld.com Raja Tahir Qaiser

    NFS MOST WANTED <3 # Graphics

  • http://yogeshmandge.blogspot.com Yogesh Mandge

    Really Bro, Such a Nice Collection Of Games I’ve Played Almost Previous Version of Each And Every Game Listed Above, But i Think No Game Can Beat Halo Series.

    • http://freakify.com AhmadAwais

      Thanks for liking it.

  • Pramod

    Thanx bro..
    nice collection of game. But NFS MOST WANTED is best game.

  • http://www.revthatup.com Gautam Doddamani

    i have played Farcry 3…seriously awesome game.. a Game of the Year material…seriously waiting for Crysis 3, MOH: Warfighter is a complete waste of time, now playing dishonored..a good game and i am pretty sad i cannot play halo 4…only for xboxers :(

    • http://freakify.com Muhammad Shoaib

      Cant agree more…………. MOH was promising but it correctly failed to be more capturing

  • http://www.dazzlerzz.com/ Mark

    Excellent post. I think that all of these games are awesome and I have played COD and Halo. They are simply awesome and you have included all the games which are third person shooting, No driving game like Need for speed ?

  • http://www.devims.com Kundan

    Nice article. i am going to try. thanks for sharing information.

  • http://stunninghub.com/ Zavera

    Great list of games, Loved playing Far Cry 3!

    • http://freakify.com Muhammad Shoaib

      isn’t it great????? haha, simply loved Vaas…….. well stay tuned for more ;)

  • Furqan Hameed

    Great List, I played Far cry 3 amazing game and why not you guys add Hitman Absolution, it’s also awesome game I really love to play it. and now waiting for GTA V, Bcz GTA is my Favr8 series.