One of the forms of art which is very popular and trendy these days is Nail Art. Today, your finger and toe nails are in the limelight due to this art. Basically, Nail Art is the creative decoration of your nails with the help your drawing pictures and designs. Specially since the manicuring has become very popular this art has now gained an important position. Women spend loads of money to beautify their nails everyday and this is becoming a productive business. Today, we find many commercial shops particularly serving their services in Nail Art.

Initially there were Acrylic nails which were artificial and decorated. You can stick on your fingers and get your job done. But today the same can be achieved with your real nails and a great number of variety exists. Here I present some trendy and funky designs of nail art which you can try them out.

Designs of Nail Art Images


Design No. 50

167688 188916097796925 8292589 n Copy image

Design No. 49

0198 Copy image

Design No. 48

165260 169870086388356 7057592 n Copy image

Design No. 47

312070 429711880404174 1885029011 n Copy image

Design No. 46

61218 153808641307671 999965 n Copy image

Design No. 45

67544 164123646942837 1776759 n Copy image

Design No. 44

386819 435636049811757 378789814 n Copy image

Design No. 43

66556 159026400785895 1568504 n Copy image

Design No. 42


391297 429462047095824 140337419 n Copy image

Design No. 41

554711 435417439833618 37386667 n Copy image

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