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For Your Eyes Only: 3 of the Finest Spy Gadgets on the Market


It’s every man’s dream to be as suave as James Bond.

From his killer charm and his way with the ladies to his knowledge of fine wines and impeccable dress sense, it’s safe to say that Mr. Bond is the quintessential British gentleman.

Unlike the majority of debonair Brits, however, Bond also has a licence to kill and an armoury of nifty spy gadgets designed to pull him out of the stickiest of jams and life threatening situations.

Over the years, an increasingly exasperated Q supplied 007 with a variety of gadgets, including a pen gun used to kill Fatima Bush in Never Say Never Again, as well as a wristwatch containing a built-in laser cutter and remote detonator.


While it’s easy to lounge around in your Roger Moore mask and Y-fronts dreaming of saving the world with a periscope made from a used toilet roll, there’s actually a veritable smorgasbord of real spy gadgets available online.

Check out three of the finest on the market …

Spy Cameras

As a budding secret agent, while extremely improbable, a situation may arise where you need to secretly film the latest madman planning to destroy the globe. More realistically, you may wish to keep an eye the comings and goings at your home or business.

As a result, rather than hauling around a gargantuan video camera or whipping out your iPhone at inopportune moments, covert spy cameras hidden in everyday objects are increasing in popularity, as they offer the opportunity to film without raising suspicion.

GPS Watch

Gone are the days when a watch was used simply for telling the time. Instead, in an effort to be more Bond, your watch must serve a secondary purpose to stop cackling despots in their tracks. By investing in a GPS watch, you’ll be well equipped to navigate a sprawling metropolis or dense jungle.

Most importantly, a GPS watch allows you to punch in the co-ordinates of a tyrant’s lair – or your in-law’s house, if you prefer – leading you straight to the front door just in time to foil his plan for global domination.

Voice Recording Pen

As a spy, it’s crucial that your cover remains intact, which means all of your gadgets must be handily disguised as everyday objects – and what could be more ordinary than a fountain pen? In this case, however, the pen disguises a voice recorder activated by a nifty switch hidden in its clip.

It’ll start recording as soon as it hears voices, which means it can be left in a room unattended, arousing no suspicion among an oppressor and his cohorts. You also needn’t worry about missing an important conversation, as most pens can store up to 18 hours of audio.

Now it’s over to you …

What’s your favourite spy gadget from the James Bond films? Let us know by leaving a comment below – before this article self destructs.


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