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WordPress Sliding Login & Registration bar For FREE?
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WordPress Sliding Login & Registration bar For FREE?

Yes sliding login & registration bar for FREE, you are at the right place.You might have seen a lot of websites that offer paid plugins for this stuff , or provide bulky tutorials on how to make a nice sliding Login and Registration Bar for your WordPress websites.But today I will share a simple and nice plugin named against WP Sliding Login | Register Panel

Just go to Plugins<Add New and search for WP Sliding Login | Register Panel.


  1. No need to modify the theme files
  2. Fast & easy to manage.


Some screenshots of the plugin

wp-sliding-login-register-panel screenshot 1

Sliding Login Header


wp-sliding-login-register-panel screenshot 2

Sliding Login Panel


wp-sliding-login-register-panel screenshot 3

Sliding Login | Register Header


wp-sliding-login-register-panel screenshot 4

Sliding Register Panel


wp-sliding-login-register-panel screenshot 5

Sliding Login Panel With Register Activated


Direct Download Visit :


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