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What Annoys Readers When They Read Your Blog?

Urghhhh!!! Shit!!! Piece of crap….. I really don’t know why do I always come and get pissed off through this sucking blog. It always rapes my internet connection and test me and my poor laptop’s patience every time. This is completely a kiss ass show. I tell you….. some bloggers are such lazy bluffers, I really don’t get the point that if they really can’t hook up with it why do they blog?


This is the recap of how I get irritated when I come across some blog which is burning off my head and giving me a tough time. I really understand that once you start your blog your focus is to promote it because you have put in your heart and soul. But there are certain things which really make people get irritated when they come across your blog.

Poor Loading:-

When you see some exciting new post and you want to go for it, it takes such long spans to get loaded. This is indeed very much irritating especially if the reader owns a swift computer and a speedy internet connection. In the worst case it may shut down your browser and freeze it and you have to restart your computer again. According to me one of the reasons for poor loading of blogs is due to heavy sidebars which contain loads and loads of ads, widgets and gadgets. This really discourages people from coming on such blogs once again.

Finding No New Content:-

We all know that today’s life is very hectic. Every person is struggling in his own arena and bears a very busy routine. Anyone who returns home tired after a daylong really wants some kind of activity which is really soothing and effective. Reading blogs is the hobby of many people. So when they come to your blog and finds no good and new content really teases them. Especially on weekends and special occasions when people are a on a holiday wants to read such content which can cater them throughout the week. So this is a golden tip for all bloggers to be consistent in writing if they want to give joy to their readers.


Fakeness is never entertained no matter to which walk of life you belong to. Similarly, readers should not smell some fakeness in your writing. You should write the way you are in reality so that if by chance they meet you should not say that your personality really contradicts your work. Plus writing on controversial topics should be avoided along that bloggers must produce their own content instead of copying others’. In case if you are copying something do it with permission and show some courtesy. This leaves a good impression on readers.

Over Promotion:-

If you are not promoting your blog this means that you are not taking it serious. Bloggers are trying out 101 different ways to promote their blog 24/7. But if you are promoting it beyond some limits then that is really irritating. The most common way of promoting these days is through different social networking sites. You share links of your blog posts everywhere on your profile plus in different groups and pages that you are a member of. But when your friends see the only activity of yours appearing in their news feed is your promotion of blog, really annoys them. One solution can be that you should involve in some side activity on these sites e.g. updating exciting status on Facebook, answering questions of some quiz, commenting on friend’s post, etc.

Tacky Features:-

Some bloggers use really tacky tactics to make their blog look attractive.  This in turn may sound quite irritating to many readers. These may include some vulgar images and music player which turns on automatically the moment you click on the blog. Readers find it really cheap and annoying and do not visit your blog.

Spam Comments:-

Spam commenting is highly condemned and if found leaves a very bad impact. For this purpose word verification is a wise way to avoid it. I have seen people posting such irrelevant comments which has no link with the blog post. So when your readers see such comments they build an unprofessional opinion about you and your work. I advise to keep the option of comment moderation enabled so that the readers only get to see healthy comments about your blog.

Ads Bombardment:-

Getting ads for your blog is a good sign as far as popularity of your blog is concerned. But if you are posting ads more than your posts, then this is quite sad. There are ads which are a malware and if clicked, install unnecessary things in your computer. Recently, I got Babylon Search installed in my computer, God knows from where!!!  It really gave me a tough time and got rid of it.

Plus the concept of sponsored blogging is gaining popularity day by day. I am not against reading sponsored posts but if your blog is producing only these then it is really alarming and in this way you are losing your traffic.

Irrelevant Links Sharing:-

Social networking sites have a lot to offer if you are interested in promoting your blog but your promotion should be at the right place and at right time. What I mean here is that for suppose if there exists a group say on Facebook and it’s about food and travel then promoting your blog about technology will sound quite weird. So you should be very careful about the place where you should be posting your link.

Blog Layout and RSS Feed:-

You must be thinking how can layout annoy readers? Layout of your blog is very important plus the important features your blog should possess. Usually black backgrounds, light colored types and small font size is not appreciable by the readers. Similarly, writing in highly technical language with long continuous paragraph makes it very monotonous. It gives them difficulty in reading and the blogger should focus on to provide maximum ease in reading content.

Also the blogs without RSS Feed subscription ability are not welcomed by the readers. People who are in a habit of reading blogs through stuff like Google Reader find it really annoying when they want to include some blog in their feed reader and it does not works for them.

Teasing through Chats:-

It is a general observation that bloggers do participate in different contests. To win these bloggers generally need to gather maximum comments, likes and shares on different social sites. For this purpose they approach their contacts on these sites and plead for their help. For me there is nothing wrong in it but if you are getting on to somebody’s nerves then this is not a wise option. This way you may lose your respect among friends.

Disputes and Fights:-

Being bloggers you have to face a tough competition with your counterparts. You should always keep a healthy competition in the bloggers community. If there is some dispute don’t display it to your readers. Try not to get into cheap catfights. Readers have nothing to do with them so keep them out of it and do not publicize them.

I am sure that after reading these points you will pull up your socks and focus on eradicating all such points which bring discontent in the hearts of the blogger for your blog. These readers are the actual food for your bog whose presence nourishes it and takes it to the road of success.


By Alina Sofia

Passionate blogger, programmer, who cannot live without cats. Love them :) Right now the student of Engineering & trying to put more of what I think in words. Wanna hire me for content writing? Contact

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Quality and simplicity are universal tools used everywhere. I also see a lot of blogs with unwanted content and one thing, I dislike is a lot of ads open while I click on a page. The blog can be listed as the best one if it contain quality and updated content having user friendly features and plugins in it.

When you will try to attract your old and new readers then you should take each and every step very carefully otherwise it could be prove harmful for you if you will do any thing in over limit.

Excellent piece of research! Ad bombardment or false advertisement placement also triggers anger among readers. These things appears to be just fine if you look at them as an admin but when you actually look at them as a reader you understand how irrelevant they are.

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