Creative and Inspiring WordPress Site Designs

Creative and Inspiring WordPress Site Designs

WordPress is an open source script. It can be modified in a lot of ways. Seeing a lot of creative implementations of WordPress all around the web, made me compile a list of creative and Inspiring WordPress Site Designs. Look at the awesomeness spread by these people below  share the love with others. It takes a lot to make and execute a unique idea. No matter what happens but these designs are always appreciated by us. Are you  one of those who love the art ? Art created for heart? Or a developer who thinks code is poetry? If so then this collection is going to amuse you like hell.

Japi Blog

Superfluent Design

Five Tailors



Totoya Creatures

Ink Mustache

Knock Knock Factory


Jon Phillips

Batacum Audiovisual



Nerd Corps



Lake Nona

Big Bite Creative


Alessandro Risso

Stephen Gacheru

St. Joseph’s Historic Foundation


Morten Strid

Manage WP


Trailer Park Truck

Your Turn

Which one you liked the most?


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Great post about the WP sites. You have got a great collection here. Personally I like Lake Nona and Morten Strid. No doubt Five Tailors is also good.

Keep sharing ;)

My favorite design is tickera. The font is a little small, but the way it helps promote an online platform for a event is outstanding ;) Simply elegant

Really Awesome……. Bookmarked Because i am going to hire a Designer for my Blog Theme… got some unique features will include from here… :)
Thank you so much Ahmad.

First of all, I love layout/design inspiration posts. There’s a great selection here. Wow! Great typography and use of color in just about every one of these examples. I’m loving the clean-lines and large graphic display – makes for a more inviting visitor experience.

When you will get options like that then why not you are trying to do something extra for your business.

Hi Ahmad

Your site is such a great one.

My question here will be kinda off topic. I just want to know how I can create and upload a physical sitemap to a sitemap page as you did on this blog.

Someone did it for me before, but while I was editing my site when I was having robot.txt file blockage, I mistakenly touched it and since then, I have been finding a way to put it back to no avail.

I will be grateful if you can help me out. Thanks

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