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50+ Killer Unique Logo Designs for Inspiration 2013

50+ Killer Unique Logo Designs for Inspiration

A unique LOGO design is a creative and particular design which stands apart from all other LOGOS.  A logo that is an original work of art and not a carbon copy. Without being overdrawn they give a unique look. These logo designs are memorable and they have no time limit. Let’s take a simple example of the ”Cocacola” LOGO, also being very effective, this LOGO has not changed since 1885.


Krissy Gogel – Logo Designs


Logo Design– Fuel Your Creativity

Logo Design – Puzzle Creator


Logo Design -Kenroy George

Logo Design | vp, creative directorr

Random Unique Logo Designs



By AhmadBilal

Ahmad Bilal is one of the youngest Bloggers in Pakistan. He knows how to code in HTML & CSS and has recently started blogging at the age of 10. Graphics Design world inspires him to earn through LOGO Designing as a Freelancer. He knows Photoshop as well. He Loves and plays football so often.

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fine designs, every logo has got some uniqueness anyone would prefer. everything is creative and excellent piece of art. thanks for providing the view.

Great article there! I really enjoy reading you and Thank you so much for the great info you provide us. I’ll stay tuned! Please, keep the good work up! =)

Cool logo’s , All the logos have different Idea in them. For example if you look on the 2nd logo , “Fuel your creativity ” , and then you look on the design, they have given a signal of fire so that you can have thought in mind that you can reach to sky while using creativity.

Great post. keep up buddy.

Thank you


Awesome Post. This is a great tip and was new to me. It does actually work, though the way it’s written is confusing, and I had to fiddle around until I figured out the trick:

In Photoshop, bring up the eyedropper, then click anywhere on your Photoshop canvas. The key is to NOT RELEASE THE MOUSE BUTTON – with the button still held down, drag your mouse out of the PS window and anywhere else on your monitor that you want to sample. You’ll see the foreground color swatch changing as you drag across colors. When you get to the color you want, release the mouse button – ta-da!.

Great Logo’s Ahmad!
I have never seen this awesome logo. Now I am just thinking of learning Photoshop.
Thanks for sharing.

Sohil Memon.

A Logo design creates first and lasting impression on the users. These are really awesome designs and I like all the logos, however my most favorite logo designs from the list are “Tranton Sea Food” and “International Commodities”. I Thank you for sharing such an informative piece of information.

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