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How to use Visual Studio 2008 for C++ & OOP 2013

How to use Visual Studio 2008 for C++ & OOPΒ 

Today I will teach you How to use Visual Studio 2008 for C++ & OOP programming ! The way I use it , with the help of images !


Open it by clicking the icon !

Step 2

Click the Create Project to make a new project !


Or you Can go to FILE > NEW > Project To do the same thing



Step 3

Now check if Win32 Console application is selected , Then enter a name of your project and click ok just like below

Step 4

Then a window will appear click NEXT


Step 5

Now Click Empty Project and then click Finish , Your Project is Created :)


Step 6

Now lets make a C plus plus file in it for coding.

Just Right click the Source FilesΒ Then click on Add and then on New Items.

Step 7Β 

Now Check if Cpp File is is selected , if so then add a name and then click ADD.

Last Step

Now start coding in your File ! :)



  • Remove the errors
  • Press the Green Play button in the second bar from top to run your code.
  • Use system(“pause”); in your programs to pause it at the end otherwise it will execute itself and will be vanished before you could see it .
  • Happy Coding ! Code is poetry !


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