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Recipress WordPress Plugin Makes it easy to run a Recipe Blog

ReciPress Makes it easy to run a recipe Blog

One of my friend asked that he wants a custom layout for his recipe blog , so that it makes easy for him to write recipe with quality layout in less time.

As you all know time is money , but content is king if your blog offers nice and new posts daily it can hit the gates of success sooner than later, but the quality must be upto mark, then comes in the design.

ReciPress is a great plugin that can help you achieving all this stuff  in a matter of minutes.


  • Custom meta box  fields: photo, title, summary, cuisine,etc
  • Sortable ingredient rows.
  • Ingredient suggestion just like post tags to prevent duplication
  • Nice numbered instructions
  • Custom taxonomies for Ingredients, & Skill Levels
  • Output with a shortcode
  • Sidebar widgets.
  • Three basic recipe desgins
  • Optimised for SEO
  • Complete plugin localization in your own language
  • dedicated support, documentation, and demo.

Video Demonstration




recipress screenshot 1

Add a recipe


recipress screenshot 2

Recipe output – light theme


recipress screenshot 3

Recipe output – dark theme


recipress screenshot 4

Recipe output – ReciPress theme


recipress screenshot 5

ReciPress Options


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