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15 FREE Extremely Responsive High Quality WordPress Themes

High Quality WordPress Themes

In this modern age where you see ascend in the field of technology , everyone having a smartphone in his/her hands browsing Facebook and surfing the net through tablet PCs  , when you plan to start a nice big website , you think about a solution to have a responsive theme for your webstie.A theme that can take the any shape in accordance to the device from it is being browsed , without messing up the elements in it.I will tell you about 15 WordPress responsive themes that will help you in achieving your goals and will make you at ease in selecting your own genre and your own FREE WordPress responsive theme.

1. BonPress

A nice WordPress responsive theme can help you in running a personal blog

Responsive WordPress Themes

2. Respo

I used this WordPress responsive theme for a client’s site after custom editing and it got PR3 , seems it is is also good for SEO

Responsive WordPress Theme

3. iTheme2

iPhone look lovers are always there so use this WordPress responsive theme to target them

Responsive WordPress Theme

4. Ari WordPress Theme

A great WordPress responsive theme for food and recipe site i used it in a project and the plugin  ReciPress

Responsive WordPress Theme

5. Responsive Twenty Ten

For those who love to start from scratch this WordPress responsive theme is great.

Responsive WordPress Theme

6. Skeleton

Good WordPress responsive theme for a nice software selling blog

Responsive WordPress Theme

7. Whiteboard Framework

Highly recommended for personal blogs

Responsive WordPress Theme

8. Flexible

This WordPress responsive theme is self explanatory , it can be used in FB or on mobile it also shows accurate results

Responsive WordPress Theme

9. Constellation Theme

Wrote about it earlier again recommending this WordPress responsive theme

Responsive WordPress Theme

10. The Scherzo

A nice WordPress responsive theme for your persoanl blog

Responsive WordPress Theme

11. Origin

WordPress responsive theme for you photography blog

Responsive WordPress Theme

12. Oxygen

Fachion realated WordPress responsive theme

Responsive WordPress Theme

13. Renova

Quite a simple and elegant WordPress responsive theme

Responsive WordPress Theme

14. SimpleMarket

Good for large images blogs

Responsive WordPress Theme

15. Hatch(Recommended)

I recommend this theme for its ease of use , I used it in several projects.

Responsive WordPress Theme

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Ahmad Awesome Theme. I would love to give a try for Respo.
Thanks for sharing the Themes and your work with us.

hey ,
first of all awesome site bro .. can u suggest me a good gaming template for wordpress . i own a gaming url worked for quite months also bought the copyright of the theme but it use to get hacked every week …
need ur opinion should i change the theme or look for sfaety measure my all hard work was wasted but i am ready to do it again . hope u rep !!

I was searching for iTheme2 and i find it in first search result, thanks for guys, who share these kind of stuff.

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