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Logic in Horror Movies

In this picture in this post the greater of this image is trying to tell us the logic of horror movies logic of horror movies is really horrifying the girl asked from the hero that is the logic behind these movies means that a crazy killer is trying to kill them and the hero find in your grow up from anywhere and he snatched them you tell them there will be blood everywhere and when the hero comes in the story he tells the other part of that logic table held to her his girlfriend that if you will split then you will be on and when you’ll be along the qualifier affect of these movies the horror creature none.


The logic of horror movie says that that that killer will kill you so when after disunion after having this discussion after being so close to the reality they start saying things and they prefer to split up and after they split up the horrible creature catches the after catching is the horrible creatures make them do worst things kill them and then eats them


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