Funny Text Message To Handsome Friends

This is the way to write a funny text message to your friend asked him if you are going to make him laugh by telling him or her a great joke that great job will be nothing else but will be like whoever poll his/her like as well as you can be enjoying it a lot so in this case saying that two people are having bad kind of thing that is called to some and then other three people and do something bad that is called three some and for people doing something bad will be for some so that other friend replies oh what’s the big deal in this thing what’s the big joke that is not anything to do with any funny part of the project birth this that is really funny when the other friend that one are you or your call it the first one the pier one friend that Fran says well now I know why they call you handsome and had seven kind of a bad thing he supposedly and this bad thing is going to be big so this is the best way by which you can make your friends laugh and polar lights.




This kind of conversation makes you feel happy and not just happy that happier makes your friendships stronger and this stronger friendship leads to great and good deal of friends the friends that you can trust the friends who care about the friends were really good deal for you such friends are the friends really how few in the Time of need and making such short conversations once in a week makes you a better friend a perfect match for others perfect person to hang on with people like search funny people people like the one the jolly one should be the jolly when try such conversations and make your life more easier than it is right now.


By Freakify Editorial

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