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How To Write a Blog Post?

In order to achieve great search ranking for your blog it is must for you to produce great content for it.Learn How To Write a Blog Post? in the best manner.

In order to achieve great search ranking for your blog it is must for you to produce great content for it. To effectively engage your readers and increase your sales you must follow a systemized way how you write content for your blog. Here are some golden rules how to pen down an appealing blog post.

10. Brain Storming

Before writing down anything you should do proper brain storming. One should be very much particular about what he is going to write. You should select such a topic over which you bear a complete command. Try making an outline of what are you going to write then recollect all your ideas. Once you start penning it down then let yourself go and write like being crazy. Don’t stop in between for more than few minutes.


9. Title

A catchy title is as important as the content off the article. So you must be very careful in selecting the topic for your content. The title not only names your page for SEO but also casts an impression on the mind of the reader. At the same time your title will be linked in the search results. So your title should be very much compelling.


8. Keyword

Selection of an authentic keyword is a must. This is the point where you not only have to think about your readers but also the SEO. So after deciding an appropriate title think about a good keyword phrase.

7. Starting Para

The starting sentences are the pivot of your entire article. It is the foundation on which your entire content rests. Your first few sentences should be powerful enough to hook up the readers. Only then they will be boosted to read rest of the content. Try invoking emotions in them or make it a mystery for the people or throw a question at them.

6. Making Difference

Try writing something unique and unusual. Such content which will leave an impact on your readers. Voice your opinion on every matter yet in a simple way. Here I will like to mention simplicity is very important. You should not use phrases, words or quotations which are complex and difficult to understand. Share your personal experiences and quote examples from daily life. This will create a link between you and your readers.

5. Specific

Be very specific and precise when you write. You should know how to maintain your focus. Stick to only one point rather mixing everything up. Overall your article should have one point. Plus you should maintain uniformity in your writing. E.g. if you are writing in the first person continue with it or if you’re writing in past tense end up writing in the same tense. In short your main focus should be on providing ease to the reader.

4. Grammatical Errors

At this stage it a source of shame if your readers find grammatical mistakes in your content especially at this professional level. So before uploading your content read it many times in order to find any mistakes. Plus you may use several software programs like StyleWriter which offer tips on tenses and their usage. Then the Google toolbar and many content management systems come up with an in built spell checkers. These all help you in producing an error free post.

3. Additions

You may make several additions to look your blog post more appealing and attractive. You may use images, audio and visual effects. Plus you may add colorful features to your article. All of them will highlight your content enhancing it more. Also these additions will break up your text and will avoid giving a stretched out look to your post.


2. Signature

To give a personal touch to your content, you may add your personal signature in the end of your post. This allows the reader to have a personal knowledge about you and really inspires him. Rather using a word “admin” you may create your personal signature through many websites or simply place in your original signature by scanning it to your computer.

1. Headings

In order to improve the layout of your article you may include headings. But there is some criteria according to which headings should be added. There is only single main heading which is on the main page. There are sub headings which can be more than one. Choose appropriate keywords for the subheadings.

You can try all of these above mentioned ways to give a professional look to your blog. If you have some other points to add then your valuable comments are always appreciated.


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really useful post for a newbie as it is always difficult for him to understand what he has to do…for writing a post..great work..keep it up …!!!

Hello Alina,

An exhaustive and impressive post. I like this one a lot. I also feel that posting some useful content which has the capacity to go viral also is a good idea.


When create a blogpost I rarely stick to the rules. But when I create a pilar article I will search for the theme and brainstorming for it.

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