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Health of A Pro-Blogger

Sitting on a grandpa chair pondering over a new cyber creation, scrolling through the buttons of your keyboard, moving eyeballs with the mouse and suddenly you come across a speed breaker which is there right in front of your eyes. Your tummy is now a towering mass of flab and fat and is a witness of all the past years you spend in just dumping in the food at the rate nearly to the speed of light. All through these years the weighing machine’s scale kept ticking across right in front of your eyes mercilessly. Stuffing a McLarge Burger in your face doesn’t make you realize that it will just be expanding your waistline spending the entire day just sitting on a chair and working 24/7 round the clock.


What Pro-Bloggers do?

life at risk


The above mentioned lines portray the health of most of the pro-bloggers facing today or may face in their later parts of life. As the saying goes “a healthy body carries a healthy mind,” in the same way a pro-blogger can never become successful if he is not mentally, physically, morally and spiritually healthy. But my topic of discussion deals with the physical heath of a blogger. The routine of a professional blogger is very hectic which he spends entirely in front of his computer screen making his creation more and more professional and creative. Blogging is mainly an indoor job and demands 100% attention of the blogger. In this way it is very difficult for him to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The Cure

  • For this purpose, he should allocate at least 8 hours of the day purely for his health. This includes a nap of at least 6 hours and two hours for physical activity like sports, gym, etc. Most importantly, he should take special care of his diet.
  • Easy access to convenient food without any hassle of preparation may well be the reason, for pro-bloggers trending towards fat tummies.
  • Research has proved that junk food complemented with carbonated drinks not only causes obesity but also leads a person to depression thus affecting the mental capability of a blogger.
  • Thus a blogger’s diet must include high intake of fruits and fiber along with plenty of water and cereals. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins should be taken in a balanced way yet not to an excess because they will be difficult for a blogger to digest throughout the day as he does no tough physical activity.
  • Plus he/she should practice mental exercise through yoga,jig saw puzzles and many such skills. He should regularly get his eye sight monitored and makes sure that he works in proper light as the rays from your computer screen may harm his vision.


A promise


Thus today, all bloggers should promise to themselves that they will continue doing good not only to the world of information and technology but also to themselves by taking a good care of their health by practicing all golden rules of good health. Only then they can entertain their clients well and progress as a successful blogger.


By Alina Sofia

Passionate blogger, programmer, who cannot live without cats. Love them :) Right now the student of Engineering & trying to put more of what I think in words. Wanna hire me for content writing? Contact

3 replies on “Health of A Pro-Blogger”

Alina you have always been a great content writer.Thanks a lot for joining us at Freakify.I hope we will have a nice relation in blogging.
Your content is mature enough, experience depicts from it.I wish you best of luck.
Now ,about the article.YES, it has also affected me and my tummy buh , I use to run 1 hour for like 2 to 5 km daily.I hope to get my health back :)

What a timely Article for me.
7 Years ago I was forced to modify lifestyle and Business direction due to a massive Coronary.
Had been involved in Ag-business, crops to horses, for 50 years.
I bought a computer and started sharing Entrepreneurial ideas on the internet.
Income has never been a problem but my evolving waist line and belly hangover WAS.
The more i gained the less productive I became so just a month ago, at the urging and guidance of a young client (he is a personal trainer) I made a personal Challenge to CHANGE the slothful habits and go back to being a lean mean machine at age 70.
You can follow my progress in the Blog below. Appreciate comment..also Comment Luved

Its really really important to take care of health while blogging,
Back ache and obesity are the most common problems which can actually lead to bigger problems, I recommend yoga or physiotherapy to all bloggers, after all is to wealth :)

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