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Google's Favicon Changed

Google’s Favicon Changed

If you have noticed it, Google just changed its favicon. What’s up with Google? They are changing everything. What I think is they are trying to make more synchronization in there sites. I like this initiative of Google.


Before 2008

Google had a simple Capital case G as Favicon, from who knows when to I guess 2008

Back in 2009

Well this is not a bulky post filled with content but I won’t leave you here. Let me show you what was the earlier change of Google’s Fav icon. In 2009 Google updated its favicon, it was a shift of Google’s G (Capital Case) to g (Smaller Case). Just like you see in the image below.



What in 2010

It also got changed over an year with a more colorful option in around 2010 and became something like the one below

Now in 2012

So, what are the changes this time ? Well if ask that from me, I will say I like it. Google has put a light blue background behind it. which is making it more visible than ever. Look yourself its right below in the image. It was predicted in February this year.


But how it looks after the update is a little different. See the image below I guess it self explains the difference.

Your Turn:

Which one did you liked?



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