NEWS Update or call it a Major Upgrade

Do you know about Klout? Klout is a service that provides you a rank on the basis of your social presence. How much active are you how much time you spend in your Social Profiles. These ranks are going to be acknowledged very well in near future. I really love you can find my profile here.

Let’s see the Update of Klout in the form of images below mets a Major Update

First Impression


Second NEWS

Making More


How to get your profile Updated?

If you want to get your klout profile updated before anyone then share klout without FB friends. Look at the image below and read what it says.



So what Update #1 is expected? Its Moments a new addition to your scoring factors at What are moments? Read below


Scoring factors are increased and analysis is better now you view you insghts in which help you to know what is going up and what is going down.


I saw my score go down from 73 to 68 it is strange, but klout calls it an improvement. I guess they added more factors of judgment.

What More?

Stay tuned and you will get the updates in few weeks. This is something they need to work on. It is not easy to update a hell lot of users at once. Gradually you all will get updated.


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I’m still on the fence about Klout and the Klout upgrade, but we’ll see how it shakes out. I think a social measurement tool is needed, but it was too easy to “game” Klout, so it was bent if not broken.

I’m not quite exactly sure what Klout is, other than something that rates you higher for spending more time online than the next guy. Well anyways this is pretty neat to see the updates over the past while, I’d love to see this idea spread to more apps, sites, etc.. I love to see what advances different programs are making, and what areas they focus on. So thats cool!

Hello Ahmed,

I read about klout before but came to know more about its features from your post. Your pictorial interpretation is impressive and comprehensive. I would like to share this post with my friends.

Thanks a lot,


Hi Ahmed,

A very great post. provides social media analytics to assess a subscriber’s presence over social network. The assessment is carried out based on data gathered from popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Many companies hire individuals with best klout scores to get themselves promoted on the social networks.

Raj Kumar

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