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Finding a Great Blog Topic: 25 Tips and Tricks

Blogs are incredibly popular and as such there is a blog for just about everything you could imagine. Though there are tons of great blogs out there, there are also plenty of ideas that have yet to be taken. Finding a topic for a new blog is difficult but once you find your niche you can pump out some fantastic work that is full of passion and excitement.

10 Tips for Finding Your Blog Topic: Brainstorming


  1. Write a list of things that interest you. Things that you are impassioned about are much easier to write. So jot them down in order of your preference. From them, you can easily choose the best or the most suitable one as your blog topic.
  2. Write a list of things that you do well or that you may be an expert at. Writing about what you know is always easy. So, you will not have to hunt for words. When you write about something you like, the words come with a natural flow.
  3. Write a list of things that bother you to a great extent. Or, things which disturb you a lot and you really want to change or speak against them. Things that you feel passionately about are always easy to write on and can offer insight into your feelings.
  4. Write a list of things that you find hard to understand but would like to know more about. Odds are if you have questions there is someone else out there struggling that could use some help.
  5. Write a list of blogs that you admire. Knowing where to draw inspiration can help you find a topic quickly and easily. When you are writing about something which you yourself admire, then the admiration will be quite prominent in your blog too.
  6. Search the internet for blogs that are popular. Trying to move away from blogs that everyone has written can help you create a custom idea that is 100% you.
  7. Take the time throughout your day to write down things that catch your eye or spark your interest. At the end of the day, you can sit and have a look at them, and who knows, you can find the topic of your blog from them.
  8. Talk to your friends about what they think your strengths and weaknesses are. Sometimes they know you better than you know yourself.
  9. Read everything. Reading is the best way to stimulate your mind and to find out what it is that makes you tick.
  10. Search the internet for blogs that are obscure. Find out what it is about that blog that makes it so obscure and unique.

10 Tips for Finding Your Blog Topic: Writing

  1. Write a few samples before you commit. This can help you figure out how you want to address your readers.
  2. Write on various kinds of topics. Writing widely makes it easy to figure out what you can write on and what you enjoy writing on.
  3. Try to write like blogs that you have seen in the past. This can help you immensely in finding your own particular style and build an appreciation for other bloggers.
  4. Get familiar with several different posting sites. Knowing what works for you can help you to determine what forum you want to use.
  5. Get advice from people who know the business.
  6. Write and re-write. It is important that you do not choose the first thing you write, consider what you have written to help perfect your work.
  7. Try several different styles before you settle on one. The style of your writing can often direct the content of your posts.
  8. See how other bloggers in your area of concentration handle the content they post.
  9. Write frequently, it is easier to post if you have a large pool to draw from.
  10. Try everything, you will never know what topic or style works for you unless you try it out first.

5 Tips for Finding You Blog Topic: Buildingย Readers

  1. Readers are your backbone; get to know what they think.
  2. Get involved in forums, sometimes other people have great ideas.
  3. Figure out what people are interested in. Donโ€™t cater to them completely but do take their interests into consideration.
  4. Take your own questions into consideration. If you have a question, odds are you can make a good post.
  5. Be flexible. Donโ€™t commit to one style and one topic right away, taking time to consider everything that you can write will help you settle on a good topic each time.

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